Featuring dedicated brand areas with the latest products on demo, including high-end synthesizers, Pads Controllers, Electronic Drum Kits, PA systems, Studio Monitors & loads more! Demos from our trained staff are also available, come see how a studio monitor compares to another or how well an Electronic Drum Kit takes a hit. It's available for you to try out.

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Our Roland Demo Area features the latest and greatest Synths, Electronic Drum Kits, Digital Pianos & much more. Some of the most sought after Roland gear are available to try including the flagship TD-50KV Electronic Drum Kit, the hugely popular AIRA & Boutique series plus the newly released DJ-808.

Yamaha are one of the leading Pro Audio brands in the world & you can test drive a multitude of their most popular products right here in our showroom; from DXR PA Speakers, High-end worskstations such as the Montage to Professional DTX Electronic Drum Kits. It's all in one place for you to try!

Come & browse our Korg area, filled to the brim with all the very best gear from Korg including the flagship Kronos 2 88 Synthesizer / Workstation that is free to try. The volca range mini modular synth / sequencers also find their way into this corner as well the massively in-demand minilogue & monologue analogue synthesziers. 

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Adam Audio Studio Monitors are the best in the business, high-end, high-quality & the truly accurate audio recreation, featuring the AX series - a mainstay of the professional recording studio set-up, and the brand new S Series - top of it's class studio referencing. All availble to listen to and compare.

Thinking about kitting out your recording studio with the imperitives? Well look no further than Akai, we have all you would need on show and available to test out, such the top-end MPC touch screen MIDI Controllers, the APC / MPK range of MIDI Keyboards & Controllers & more. Come and browse today! 

Arturia, known for developing superb synthesizer hardware and software, have their very own place within our showroom. Filled with all the popular Arturia goodies such as the beatstep, drumbrute analog-voiced drum machine, their next-gen audiofuse audio interface and the big gun - the Matrixbrute itself, plus much more.

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If you're looking for an Electronic Drum Kit that combines exceptional quality with amazing affordability then look no further than Alesis. With our various Alesis Electronic Drums on show, such as the DM Nitro & Top-End Strike Pro, you can play away to your heart content to make sure it's a good fit.

Genelec Studio Monitors are widely renowned as the leaders in Studio Monitor Audio solutions, their series of High-End, High-Quality Monitors feature the very best in Pro Audio Technology, the newly released 'Ones' completely reinvent the coaxial speaker set-up and their 8030 / 40 series bring top-class accurate sonic recreation.

Native Instruments are leading manufacturers of computer-based pro audio & DJ equipment, we have a great range of both: our traktor area features the ultra poipular S4 now with Lightning connection 7 their flagship the incredible S8. On the groove production side we have the next generation Maschine MK3 controller, JAM & Komplete S49 MIDI Keyboard - all available to try! 

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Come & explore our very own Moog demo area - full of the very best analogue, keyboard, modular synthesizers on the market from the Subsequent 37CV to the Moog Mother-32 & Werkstatt, it's a synth nerd's dream play area!

Novation are synonymous with high-quality studio gear such as the classic Basstation & Mininova, the new heavy hitters; circuit monostation & peak plus amazingly easy-to-use MIDI Keyboards in the Impulse & Launchkeys. Any & all studio solutions you'd ever want - all in one area.

One of the fastest growing UK Manufacturers of Pro Audio - Aston Microphones' Origin & Spirit Studio Mics have taken the market by storm & we have both on display at our Preston showroom as well as the incredibly unique Halo portable vocal booth. Vocalist can now see first hand what it is about Aston that make so special.

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On the hunt for high-quality as well as affordable Studio & PA gear? Well Mackie might just have the answer; Mackie PA mixers & speakers such as the SRM, Thump & VLZ ranges define bang for your buck that allows you to perform a live venues without a worry. They have the studio covered also with their new MR2 Series providing excellent audio relay accuracy.

Our Tascam demo area features a fantastic variation of digital recording equipment all on display, learn more about the critically acclaimed DR-701D & DR44WL portable digital recorders, find out about the DP32SD 32-channel digital portastudio & the brand new podcasting products - the Ministudio Personal / Studio. 

Top of the range PA Speakers are on full display at our Preston showroom, all-in-one PA Speaker systems featuring top columns & and subwoofer bottom, these MAUI Speakers are amazing solutions to live performance, plenty of power but still keeping that pitch perfect audio quality.

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Extremely sought after high-end synthesizer / workstations from Nord our right here available to try! The brand new flagship Stage 3 88, the last stage was used by countless artist on countless stages around the world and they've upped thyeir game with the new version with new song mode, added OSC types & much more - paired with the Lead A1 prepare for hours of fun on these products!

Scour through the gear of a home recording studio enthusiast & you'll get to a Rode microphone, considered a must-have when setting up your very own studio space, the best and most popular are all out and ready to try. Our Rode area comprimises of the top-line NTR Ribbon mic, the affordable NT1A & a few more to wet your appetite.

A Professional DJ look no further than our Denon DJ display area, filled with top-of-the-line DJ Mixers, Controllers and more. From the brand spanking new prime series of the X1800 Mixer & SC5000 Player to the industry standards of the MCX8000. There's never been so much high-end Denon DJ gear on show!