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24 Channel Digital Mixer

  • Yamaha TouchFlow TF2 2
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Quick Overview

Yamaha TouchFlow TF3 is a 24 Channel Digital Mixer that features the latest touch-screen technology to deliver an evolved experience in console operation.

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Yamaha TouchFlow TF3 Product Description

TouchFlow Operation™

The TF series combines Yamaha know-how with new input from the field and the latest touch-screen technology to deliver an evolved experience in console operation. Smooth setup and operation, practical presets and scenes, refined design and software applications that integrate seamlessly with the entire system. These new elements comprise TouchFlow Operation, a new concept in console interfaces that offers unprecedented comfort and convenience in small consoles.

Allowing most operations to be carried out via the touch panel alone, the innovative TF series interface will quickly become second nature to a wide range of users. Whether you have experience with Yamaha digital consoles, work with other consoles, or have never operated a mixer before, TF consoles will leave you to the desired results quickly and effortlessly. The availability of physical controls surrounding the touch panel further enhance control versatility and precision. The display content has been specifically designed for easy, direct accessibility, with a layout that promotes that most natural and efficient mixing. Touch panel operation is as easy as shaping the sound with your fingertips.

Touch and Turn Knob Control

When you need extra precision for a fine EQ or other adjustment, the physical Touch & Turn Knob is always available right beside the touch panel. There are also four User Defined Knobs below the panel that can be assigned to control compressor threshold, EQ gain, or other parameters you need fast and direct access to whilst mixing.

1-knob COMP™ and 1-knob EQ™

An experienced engineer can do a lot with a compressor; bring a guitar to life, add punch to bass, tighten up a snare, and make vocals ride clearly on the mix. The 1-knob COMP can do all this quickly and easily without the need to juggle multiple parameters to achieve the desired effect. First featured on Yamaha analog mixers, this ability quickly became one that was highly valued, resulting in further refinement in a digital version that adds new setup ease and efficiency to the TF consoles.

The 1-knob EQ has been relentlessly fine-tuned by Yamaha R&D staff in cooperation with distinguished sound engineers, to ensure that you can achieve outstanding results with minimum effort in the shortest possible time. A Vocal Mode makes it easier than ever to achieve a clear, well defined vocal sound, while an Intensity Mode offers 1-knob ''intensity'' control over EQ curves you either select from presets or create from scratch.

Furthermore the 1-knob COMP and 1-knob EQ are available on the output channels too, so you quickly achieve overall output compression or EQ that ideally matches the room and audience size. The output 1-knob EQ has a Loudness Mode in place of the Vocal Mode, effectively increasing the sound pressure level whilst maintaining optimum sound quality.

Precision Gain Setup via GainFinder™

The new GainFinder feature facilitates optimum gain setup for individual input signals so that ideal overall operation and signal quality is achieved. The user only has to set channel gain so that the central green indicator in the level meter remains lit for the longest time possible. Of course the level meters also perform their traditional function, so standard gain setup procedure can be followed if preferred.

QuickPro Presets™

The Yamaha R&D team have focused on creating a range of shortcuts to great sound that are effective in a variety of live-sound situations. Armed with these practical presets even a novice engineers can get very close to the ideal sound, while experienced engineers will appreciate the significant time savings they can provide starting points for further adjustments.

The QuickPro Presets can be searched by instrument type and recalled quickly and easily. The presets include HA gain, EQ, Comp and other settings, right down to the channel name and colour. The 1-knob EQ and 1-knob COMP can be used with the QuickPro Presets, providing a super streamlined way to tweak the sound. The output channel preset library includes parameter sets optimised for Yamaha powered speakers, with several variations to match different environments and room sizes.


  • TouchFlow Operation™
  • 1-knob COMP™ and 1-knob EQ™
  • GainFinder™
  • QuickPro Presets™
  • Two Scene Memory Banks
  • Comprehensive Fader Bank
  • DCA Roll-Out Enhanced Group Control
  • Channel Name and Colour
  • Faders Provide a Clear View of All Inputs
  • TF Editor Facilitates Offline Editing Plus Showtime Control
  • TF StageMix™ for Wireless Mixing via iPad
  • Personal Monitoring via MonitorMix
  • Recallable D-PRE™ Microphone Preamplifiers
  • Powerful Processors and Effects

Technical Specifications

  • Fader Configuration: 24 + 1 (Master)
  • Mixing Capacity:
  • Input Channels: 48 (40 Mono + 2 Stereo + 2 Return)
  • Aux Buses: 20 (8 Mono + 6 Stereo)
  • Stereo Buses: 1
  • Sub Buses: 1
  • Input Channel Functions: 8 DCA Groups
  • Inputs: 24 Mic/Line (XLR/TRS Combo) + 2 Stereo Line (RCA pin)
  • Outputs: 16 XLR
  • Expansion SlotS: 1
  • On-Board Processors:
  • DSP: 8 Effects + 10 GEQ
  • USB: 34 x 34 USB Audio Interface, 2 Track Recording via USB Storage Device
  • Power Requirements: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 110 Watts
  • Dimensions: 716mm x 225mm x 599mm (W x H x D)
  • Net Weight: 17 kg
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 - 60 °C
Optional Extras:
  • Expansion Card
  • Foot Switch FC5

Yamaha TouchFlow TF3 Additional Information

Brand Yamaha
Condition New