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6.5" Passive Studio Monitors


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Tannoy Reveal 601p (Pair) Passive Studio Monitor with 6.5" LF/MF Driver, 1" Soft-dome Tweeter. 50-100W RMS Recommended Amp Power.

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Tannoy Reveal 601P (Pair) Product Description

The Tannoy Reveal 601p (Pair) passive studio monitors are designed to bring the same amazing quality associated with the Tannoy name into your home or project studio. Their design includes a patented front baffle with sculpted curved edges; preventing sound dispersion from the sides and the back of the cabinet. The result is a finely tuned spread that keeps sound from scattering throughout your studio and muddying up your monitoring.


Despite their exceptional directionality, Reveal 601p monitors produce a comfortably wide and consistent sweet spot. This is largely due to their optimized tweeter design, which uses an elliptical waveguide. A front-firing reflex bass port also prevents bass coupling from occurring with studio walls, without diminishing bass response. That means you get incredible accuracy, with less coloration, even in a small or confined environment. To give you extra control over your sound, Reveal 601p studio monitors feature high-frequency trim controls for fine tuning.


Tannoy Reveal 601p (Pair) Passive Studio Monitors Key Features:


  • 50-100W RMS Recommended Amp Power
  • 6.5" (130mm) LF/MF driver and 1" (30mm) soft-dome tweeter
  • Wide frequency response of 60Hz-30kHz
  • Sculpted and rigid front-baffle design to minimize diffraction
  • Response has been optimized for quarter-space nearfield operation
  • Front-firing reflex bass port to negate boundary coupling
  • Wide-band tweeter
  • LED indicator shows power status
  • +1.5/0/-1.5dB HF trim switch for custom room adjustment
  • Binding post connectors


Tannoy Reveal 601P (Pair) Additional Information

SKU 980016000PAIR
Brand Tannoy
Condition New
Colour Black
EAN 5035866160006