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Propellerhead Record 1.5 Reason 5 Duo now includes a FREE Laptop Case from Propellerheads

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Propellerhead Record 1.5 & Reason 5 Duo Product Description

Propellerhead Record Reason Duo includes Reason 5 and Record 1.5 in one package at a special price. Reason 5 and Record 1.5 when used together function as a single application.


Propellerhead Record Reason Duo pairs the world-renowned, award-winning music production environment Reason 5 with Record 1.5, the recording software for musicians.


Propellerhead Record 1.5 is a software recording studio for musicians. Reason is a world-renowned electronic instrument rack packed with all the gear you could possibly need. Together they form a self-contained production environment for musicians and producers alike. Well-designed recording tools help you get the most out of your performance, while top-notch synths, drum machines and samplers let you complete your productions. Great sounding effects and mixing gear will make your tracks sound better than ever.

Use Record and Reason together, completely integrated. Reason's instrument and effect devices automatically becomes available within Record's ever-expandable multiple racks.

To help you arrange your tracks in a smooth, effortless way, Record comes with a fast and flexible sequencer. Immediate and intuitive, Record's sequencer puts you in control of your arrangements, letting you move and edit parts as you go along, while Record's comping editor lets you effortlessly edit your takes into the single best performance.

For guitar players, Record's built-in virtual POD® from Line 6, Inc brings a wide range of top quality guitar tones. For keyboard players, Reason brings world-class synthesizers, samplers and drum machines.

Record's software mixer's sound and signal processing was faithfully modeled after the legendary SSL® 9000K hardware. Flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling, full automation and a 64-bit mix bus gives you that big studio sound.

With its state-of-the-art dynamic multicore audio handling, Record will use your computer's processing power to its fullest, so you'll never have worry about track counts or adding that extra reverb or delay.


 Propellerhead Record Reason Package Contains:


  • Record license (registered automatically)
  • Reason license (registered automatically)
  • Record 1.5 DVD
  • Reason version 5 DVD
  • Record 1.5 installation manual
  • Reason getting started manual
  • Welcome card
  • Record sticker sheet
  • Reason sticker sheet
  • Propellerhead Ignition Key

Propellerhead Record 1.5 & Reason 5 Duo Additional Information

Brand Propellerhead
Colour Black
Condition New
Compatibility PC, Mac
Supported Format Stand-Alone, VST
EAN 7350002923054