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Quick Overview

Novation LaunchPad jointly designed by Ableton and Novation, Launchpad midi controller places Ableton Live at your fingertips.

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Novation LaunchPad Limited Edition Product Description

A small number of Novation's Launchpads are available to buy at a discounted price, as they have slightly different LEDs which results in a small difference in colour from other production Launchpads (the amber can seem very slightly more 'yellow' or 'orange').  Other than this, the Launchpads function totally normally and work identically with Ableton Live in every way. This makes them ideal purchases for anyone who wish to acquire a number of Launchpads at specially discounted rates.

Novation LaunchPad Ableton Live Controller for Composition and Performance.  Jointly designed by Ableton and Novation, Launchpad places Ableton Live at your fingertips. Whether you’re a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to truly ‘play' Live.


With a multi-colour 64-button grid and dedicated scene launch buttons, Launchpad is purpose built for triggering and manipulating clips in Live, it also offers a totally new way of controlling Ableton Live’s mixer. Launchpad's buttons can be used to sketch out beats with drum racks, and they can be assigned to other functions in Live using Ableton's 'Learn' mode.


Launchpad ships with a dedicated ‘Launchpad edition’ of Ableton Live 8, but can control almost any other music software using Novation's award-winning 'Automap' control software.


  • Launch clips and scenes

Launchpad’s 64-button grid and dedicated scene launch buttons are ideal for launching and controlling your clips and scenes.


  • Innovative control over your mix

Including volume, pans, sends, track arming, soloing and muting. Launchpad lets you jump to different levels across eight channels at once.


  • Sketch out beats

Launchpad can be used to play drum racks, creating beats and triggering samples in real time.


  • Controlling other functions

Launchpad can be used to control other functions using Ableton's 'Learn' mode. This includes Ableton's knobs and faders, which can be assigned to rows of buttons on Launchpad.


  • Go Large!

Launchpad supports multiple unit operation. Connect up to 3 Launchpads at a time. Expand your grid with multiple Launchpads, or have one Launchpad dedicated to mixer mode, and the other to launching clips.


  • Expand your Ableton control solution

Novation’s Automap-enabled controllers work seamlessly together – a ZeRO SL MkII to control the mix, whilst Launchpad triggers clips!


  • Automap Control

Launchpad can also be control other DAWs and plug-ins using Novation's Automap control software. Automap can assign controls to software parameters on VST/AU/RTAS/TDM plug-ins by simply clicking on them, and touching a controller!


  • Automap-enabled


For instant, intelligent control over VST/AU/RTAS/TDM plug-ins and all MIDI compatible standalone software applications.


  • See what you’re triggering

Automap provides a customizable heads-up transparent display across your computer screen. Ideal for seeing at a glance samples that you're about to trigger.


  • Unleash the power of QWERTY keyboard shortcuts

Automap PRO, an optional upgrade available to purchase online, lets you assign almost any computer keyboard shortcut, and combinations thereof, to Launchpads buttons.


  • Old-school MIDI control

Utilising Automap, Launchpad can operate as a standard MIDI controller, creating custom MIDI maps with 72 of its buttons transmitting either CC or MIDI note data.


  • Flexible trigger platform for Max MSP and Reaktor programmers

Programmers can utilise variable brightness and multi-colour LED states to their full advantage when designing new and innovative tools in Max MSP and Reaktor.


Minimum Operational Requirements




  • OS: 10.4, or later recommended
  • Computer: G4 or faster / Intel Mac
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM / 1 GB recommended




  •   OS: Windows XP or Vista
  • Computer: 1.5 GHz or faster
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM / 1 GB recommended



Unit: W = 240 mm / 9.45 “, H = 20 mm / 0.79 “, D = 240 mm / 9.45 “
Box: W = 308 mm / 12.13 “, H = 90 mm / 20.98 “, D = 320 mm / 12.6 “

Novation LaunchPad Limited Edition Additional Information

Brand Novation
Condition New
Colour Black
Compatibility PC, Mac
Application DJ
Connection USB
EAN 815301000822

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