Universal Audio SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone

21st Feb 2022

Universal Audio SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone

Universal Audio Announce The SD-1 Professional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

Universal Audio are back with their first ever range of mics, including the SD-1 Dynamic microphone. The UA SD-1 is a versatile microphone, designed for capturing vocals, instruments, livestreams and podcasts. So, not only is it a great choice for musicians, it’s also ideal for online content creators who want polished, professional sounding results.

Professional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

The Universal Audio SD-1 dynamic mic features a cardioid polar pattern which helps reject unwanted, external room noise. It’s great for close mic’ing vocals, and its built-in windshield helps reduce plosives and breath noise. There’s even an in-built shock mount as well which will mean you get less low end rumble from things moving around in the room or nearby rooms. The Universal Audio SD-1 has a nice, flat frequency response too, so it won’t colour your recordings too much, instead letting you capture your audio honestly, but professionally. 

Low Cut And Articulation Boost

You can also tailor the sound you capture slightly with two switches on the bottom of the SD-1 microphone. One is a low cut filter, which applies a dip around 200Hz - again, this will helps keep unwanted low-end rumbles out of your recordings. The other is an articulation boost, which is a little EQ bump around 3-5kHz and can help add some clarity, detail and presence. 

Universal Audio SD-1 Mic

Apollo Channel Strips

If you’re using the UA SD-1 mic with a Universal Audio Apollo interface, then there’s even more to it. Plugging it in unlocks some custom-made, SD-1 preset channel strips, including radio-ready EQ and compression settings for vocals, guitars, and broadcasts. 

Universal Audio SD-1 Apollo Channel Strips