LD Systems Curv Portable Array Systems

28th Jun 2024

LD Systems Curv Portable Array Systems

With the patented CURV 500®, LD Systems introduces the first truly portable array featuring WaveAhead® technology for high-definition audio quality, delivering impressive sound pressure and exceptional balance.

Due to the adjustable vertical and horizontal coverage, the system is entirely adaptable. The seamless aluminum construction of the CURV 500® array satellites establishes new benchmarks and is crucial for the exceptional sound quality of the system.

Portable Array at your Fingertips

The CURV 500® is the first truly portable array system, offering unparalleled flexibility with its fully scalable design suitable for both far and near field applications. Featuring WaveAhead® technology, it delivers high-definition audio with exceptional clarity. 

LD Systems Curv 500 ES Close

LD Systems Curv Smartlink

The SmartLink® plug & play adapter provides universal mounting options, enhancing its versatility. Equipped with a built-in 4-channel mixer that includes DFX and Bluetooth® technology, it ensures seamless integration and control. The durable, lightweight aluminum unibody array elements are designed for both mobile and fixed applications, setting new standards in performance and reliability.

LD Systems Curv Smartlink

Curv 500 Power Set

If more power is required, the patented CURV 500® Power Set can provide a power of 920 watts RMS and a maximum sound pressure of 134 dB. Two subwoofers and eight satellites offer all the advantages of the CURV 500® System and have sufficient power reserves for larger events or applications with high power requirements, especially in the bass range.

LD Systems Curv 500 PS Power Set

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