New Monster Machine Pack For the ARGON Series

23rd Jun 2021

New Monster Machine Pack For the ARGON Series

Modal Electronics Release Monster Machine Preset Pack For Their ARGON Synths, Featuring A Range Of Sci-Fi And Horror Inspired Sounds

Modal Electronics have recently announced a brand new sound library for their incredible ARGON Series synthesisers - the Monster Machine preset pack. This is a collection of 40 new sounds and textures, that’s incredible for creating dark, eerie and other-worldly tones. The Modal Electronics Monster Machine Pack draws on the powerful wavetable synth engine found within the ARGON series to give you some amazing sounds, absolutely free! They’ve taken inspiration from the sci-fi and horror genres, so if you like to create music that builds suspense for TV, film and games etc then you’ll find this sound library incredibly useful. 

Modal Electronics ARGON Series Synths

The Modal ARGON 8 is a modern 8-voice wavetable synth made for sound designers, producers and music performers. It’s just as well suited to creating music for TV and film as it is making electronic dance music. The series is made up of three instruments - the ARGON8, the ARGON8M and the ARGON8X, so whatever your desired use for it is, there’s one for you. The Modal ARGON Series has full support for MPE, an easy-to-use interface, a good range of realtime controls and integrated performance tools. Plus, it has an incredible, rich and transparent sound, with thousands of tones possible, thanks to its sophisticated wavetable engine. Whether you’re seeking big fat bass sounds, classic pads, modern chords, dark drones, or seemingly anything else, then the ARGON has you covered, and now, the Monster Machine sound library expands that even more.

Get Your Free Monster Sound Pack

To download your free Modal Monster Machine Sound Pack for your ARGON synth, just follow the link below that will take you to the Modal Electronics website.