Elektron E25 Remix Editions of Syntakt, Digitakt & Digitone

9th Nov 2023

Elektron E25 Remix Editions of Syntakt, Digitakt & Digitone

Elektron have dreamt up the e25 Remix Edition: a limited run of silver-faced units, spread across Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt.

Introducing a time hack to disorientate, reorientate, and deliver you to bliss. In recognition of a quarter century of existence, Elektron have dreamt up the e25 Remix Edition: a limited run of silver-faced units, spread across Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt. Inspired by yesteryear, and hell-bent on pulling your sounds through the veil of possibility and into reality.

A ripple of both past and present

The e25 Remix Editions don't just come with special versions of already unique music-making machines. They have included a number of other special additions to accompany your extra-special edition.

The instruments themselves are hand-built in stainless steel, individually numbered and bearing laser-etched logos. The box too is unique in its design and build, containing e25 poster versions, and a multiple decade-covering/greatest hits sticker sheet. And the e-shaped cherry on top is a special Remix Edition cassette tape featuring an hour of original and eclectic music from the Elektron Team.

Elektron E25 Remix Editions Collection Lifestyle

Digitakt - Eight voice digital drum computer & sampler

Released in 2017, Digitakt splashed down as a compact sampling drum machine capable of summoning monstrous beats or delicately layered sample-scapes, breaking your creative boundaries wide open. Since then, they have added a succession of new and exciting features to its repertoire, making it even more super-powered year after year.

Elektron E25 Remix Editions Digitakt Lifestyle

Digitone - Eight voice polyphonic digital synthesizer

Digitone followed on the heels of its sibling in 2018, continuing the Digi line with its innovative and accessible take on FM synthesis, and as a prime source of new sounds and timbres. With it, you can create rich and enchanting tones with ease, diving from jagged chaos to mellow sonic suppleness, seemingly emanating from a parallel universe. Regular creativity and performance-focused feature additions have continued Digitone's sonic trajectory.

Elektron E25 Remix Editions Digitone Lifestyle

Syntakt - 12 track drum computer & synthesizer

Syntakt may be the youngest of the three but it’s jam-packed with possibilities and loaded with powerful sound-exploring tools. Analog and Digital synthesis. Drum and melody. They're here in full fusion. Syntakt’s various percussive and melodic machines make for an adventurous playground, and even though it’s only been out a little over a year, more machines have already arrived. And more will follow.

Elektron E25 Remix Editions Syntakt Lifestyle

Hands-on production

All instruments have been handcrafted in stainless steel here in Sverige. The faceplates have been brushed to give them their own unique finish, with no two units identical in appearance, while the logo and limited edition number on the front panel are laser-etched. Each box is adorned with silver foil highlights, created with vintage machinery in the very capable hands of local printers.

Elektron E25 Remix Editions Hands on Production