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Adam SUB7 Pro

Adam SUB7 Pro

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Quick Overview

Active subwoofer ideal for any monitoring environment requiring an accurate low-frequency response down to 20Hz

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M-Audio BX10s Product Description

M-Audio BX10s active subwoofer is ideal for any monitoring environment requiring an accurate low-frequency response down to 20Hz.

Comprising a 10” composite driver, 240-watt internal amplifier, and a variable 50 to 200Hz crossover, the M-Audio BX10s delivers tight, clean bass in a compact chassis—perfect for project studios where space is often at a premium. The M-Audio BX10s is suited perfectly for either two-channel stereo or multichannel surround monitoring environments and is designed to integrate with any powered direct-field studio monitors, including the M-Audio BX5a and BX8a active reference monitors. The M-Audio BX10s even includes a subwoofer bypass function so you can judge how a mix will sound without a dedicated subwoofer—controllable via the included sustain pedal.

The M-Audio BX10s active subwoofer delivers the kind of bass response necessary for today’s music, film, and multimedia projects. Since car and home audio systems have evolved to include subwoofers that reproduce very low frequencies, it has become even more critical that the monitors in your audio production environment reflect these changes. When paired with either the M-Audio BX5a or BX8a active reference monitors, the M-Audio BX10s becomes part of an integrated system that provides accurate.

The M-Audio BX10s accepts the two-channel stereo outputs from your mixer, audio interface or sound card. Then your main monitors connect to the subwoofer’s outputs. The internal crossover network of the BX10s splits the signal at a user-defined crossover frequency (50-200Hz), routing everything below it to the internal sub and everything above it to the main speakers. This significantly improves fidelity because the components aren’t tripping over each other to reproduce the same frequency—and each only has to deliver frequencies to which it is ideally suited. The variable crossover makes it possible to tailor the bass response in your monitoring environment in order to achieve the most accurate acoustic response—and there are even easy settings for compliance with Dolby Digital, DTS and THX specifications.

While the BX10s is designed as a low-frequency complement to the BX5a or BX8a active reference monitors in a professional two-channel or multichannel system, it can integrate easily with any powered direct-field monitors. It's as simple as connecting the cables and adjusting the crossover control as needed.

  • 10” composite driver
  • full, tight bass response for accurate listening
  • 240-watt internal amplifier
  • lots of power in a compact, convenient package
  • variable 50-200Hz crossover
  • compatible with any direct-field monitor system
  • subwoofer bypass function
  • video shielding for use near CRTs
  • compact footprint
  • THD at Rated Power, Mono Mode: 0.019% (175 W)
  • Auto Turn Off Time: 15 minutes
  • Dimensions: 15 in. (h) x 15 in. (w) x 15 in. (d); 38.1 cm (h) x 38.1 cm (w) x 38.1 cm (d)
  • Shipping Weight: 54.6 lbs.; 24.75 kg

M-Audio BX10s Additional Information

SKU 9900-51790-08
Brand M-Audio
Condition New
Colour Black
EAN 612391510930