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Duophonic Synthesizer In Black With Gold Detailing

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Quick Overview

Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev2 is a Full-sized 37-note Duophonic Synthesizer In Black With Gold Detailing

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Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev2 Product Description

Limited-Edition Black & Gold Design

The rich and stylish black & gold panel design is taken from the original ARP Odyssey synthesizer, delivering the classic vintage aesthetic that made the original so eye-catching. The Rev2’s design also features the original’s multi-colour sliders, with a gold border surrounding all controls and parameters. The original Korg Rev2 synthesizer design includes the second iteration of the circuitry, with this 2017 model featuring all three versions of the circuitry for optimal versatility.

Full-Sized Keyboard

The Korg ARP Odyssey Rev2 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer builds on the success of the original ARP Odyssey Rev2 synth, replacing the compact slim keyboard with a standard sized keyboard. The spacious and ergonomic panel layout features smooth faders and a standard-sized keyboard for exceptional playability. The full-sized keyboard features 37-notes and is ideal for pianists and those accustomed to larger keys, for a smooth and easy playing style. The sound and components remain the same as the original, smaller unit, with the added convenience of a larger keyboard that accommodates synth and piano players alike.

Faithful Recreation Of A Classic

The Korg ARP Odyssey Rev2 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer stays true to its essence by capturing the original spirit of the original ARP Odyssey synth that was first introduced in the 1970s. The 2017 ARP Odyssey Rev2 analog synthesizer incorporates all the original analog circuitry in a scaled-down and compact unit. The analog warmth and crunch is the beating heart of the Arp Odyssey, delivering the vintage sound and tone that made the original such a powerhouse. As the original was, the ARP Odyssey Rev2 synth is assembled in the United States, maintaining the high-quality components and design of the original. The distinctive synthesis of the ARP Odyssey has been reproduced from the ground up with the original founder as a key adviser. The ARP Odyssey Rev2 includes a wide variety of functions and modulation possibilities provided by oscillator sync, sample and hold, pulse width modulation, two types of envelope generator, high-pass filter and pitch bend using the PPC, giving you the ability to create any sound you can dream up.

Filters From All Three Generations

During its production, the ARP Odyssey featured three different iterations, divided by the date of the production, with major differences to the filter circuit. With this modern version of the ARP Odyssey, the synthesizer provides all three version of the different filter circuits, allowing you to select each individual circuit with the flick of a switch. Each circuit provides different sonic characteristics, with the TYPE I (Rev2) featuring a 12 dB/Oct circuit that delivers a sharp and punchy sound. The TYPE II (Rev2) circuit is a 24 dB/oct filter with added depth on the low-end. The TYPE II (Rev2) circuit retains excellent stability even when the resonance is pushed to its limits. This trilogy of distinctive filters, brings added versatility to your sound-sculpting, giving you a range of tones and options when it comes to creating your sounds.

Compact Design, Powerful Components

The compact and highly portable design of the Korg ARP Odyssey Rev2 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer makes it perfect for both studio and live performances. The 2017 ARP Odyssey Rev2 synthesizer is ideal for any studio space, with the new full-sized keyboard delivering fluid playability. The new DRIVE switch is designed to provide subtle VC distortion, providing added crunch for your sounds that will push through any mix. Bringing the ARP Odyssey into the modern era, the Rev2 synthesizer also includes a range of analog and digital connectivity including a USB and MIDI port for connecting the unit to your computer for use with DAWs. In addition, the synthesizer includes a headphone jack with adjustable volume for private monitoring and XLR output jacks changed from the original to noise-resistant balanced outputs.


  • A faithful re-creation of a classic synth
  • Full-sized 37-note keyboard (no velocity sensitivity, no aftertouch - just like the original)
  • Monophonic; two voices for duophonic (one oscillator each)
  • Proportional Pitch Control pads; modulation pad
  • White/pink noise generator
  • Portamento speed control
  • Two VCOs with Sawtooth, Square, and Dynamic Pulse waveforms (with PWM)
  • Lowpass filter (resonant): 12 and 24dB/octave; frequency range: 16Hz-16kHz
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA), dynamic range: 80dB
  • Ring Modulator (digital); Sample & Hold
  • ADSR and AR envelope generators
  • Low (1/4" TS) and High (XLR) output jacks; 1/4" TRS headphone jack
  • External Audio Input jack (1/4" TS)
  • MIDI In (DIN); USB (Type B)
  • 1/8" TS CV In/Out, Gate In/Out, and Trig In/Out patch points
  • Pedal and Portamento footswitch inputs

Technical Specifications

  • Keyboard: Full-sized keyboard, without velocity or aftertouch.
  • Voicing: Monophonic/duophonic.
  • Oscillators: Two (sawtooth and pulse/PWM waveforms) with sync and ring modulation.
  • Noise: White/pink.
  • LFO: One (sine, square).
  • Sample & Hold: One, with output slew.
  • VC LPF:
  • Three versions equivalent to MkI (12dB/oct), MkII (24dB/oct) and MkIII (24dB/oct) Odysseys.
  • Cutoff frequencies: all claimed 16Hz to 16kHz.
  • All resonant and capable of self–oscillation.
  • HPF: Claimed 16Hz to 16kHz.
  • VCA: 80dB dynamic range.
  • Contours:
  • Two (one ADSR, one AR).
  • Attack 5ms to 5s.
  • Decay 10ms to 8s.
  • Release 15ms to 10s (ADSR) and 10ms to 8s (AR).
  • (These figures are identical to those quoted in the original ARP Odyssey service manual.)
  • Performance facilities: PPC (bend up/down, vibrato), ±2 octave switch, portamento, plus portamento on/off and pedal controller inputs.
  • Audio I/O: Low out, high out, headphones out, external signal in.
  • Analogue I/O: CV In/Out (1V/oct), Trigger In/Out, Gate In/Out (10V output).
  • Digital I/O: MIDI In (five–pin DIN), USB type B.
  • Power: 9V DC.
  • Dimensions: 498 x 379 x 120 mm.
  • Weight: 5kg.
  • Cosmetics: Three versions: MkI, MkII and MkIII livery, all with wrap–around vinyl cases and PPCs.

Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev2 Additional Information

Brand Korg
Condition New