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Professional Instrument Microphone
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  • Audio Technica AE2300
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Quick Overview

Audio Technica AE2300 is a Professional Instrument Microphone that excels in high SPL applications

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Audio Technica AE2300 Product Description

The AE2300 features Audio-Technica’s proprietary double-dome diaphragm construction, giving it high-frequency and transient response that far exceeds typical dynamic microphones. With its rugged, brass metal construction, low-profile design (which enables it to be placed unobtrusively in a variety of applications) and the ability to handle high SPLs, the AE2300 is a versatile performer, able to capture sound from guitar amps, brass and woodwinds, drums and percussion instruments with clarity and precision.

A Versatile Performer

With an ability to handle high SPLs, the AE2300 is a versatile performer, able to capture sound from guitar amps, brass and woodwind, drums and percussion instruments, with both clarity and precision.

Double-dome Diaphragm

The double-dome diaphragm construction allows the AE2300 to maintain directionality across the entire frequency range, with little off-axis colouration (frequency response is nearly identical at 0°, 90° and 180°) for excellent phase cohesion in multiple-mic setups.

A Clear and Focused Sound

The AE2300 is equipped with a switchable lowpass filter that cuts out harsh, high-frequency noise, such as hiss from a guitar amp or hi-hat bleed without affecting the overall tone of an instrument. This is especially useful in live settings to achieve a clear and focused sound.

Precise Positioning

With its rugged, brass metal construction and low-profile design, the AE2300 can be placed unobrtusively in a variety of applications, with the AT8471 stand clamp providing excepetional isolation.


  • Excels in high-SPL applications
  • Proprietry double-dome diaphragm construction that improves high-frequency and transient
  • response
  • Maintains directionality across the entire frequency range
  • Minimal off-axis colouration helps to maintain phase cohesion in multiple microphone setups
  • Switchable low-pass filter removes harsh, highfrequency hiss without negatively affecting the overall tone of an instrument
  • Low-profile design allows the microphone to be placed easily and unobtrusively in a wide variety of setups
  • Rugged, brass metal construction ensures dependable performance in live music applications.

Audio Technica AE2300 Additional Information

SKU AE2300
Brand Audio Technica
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