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Virtual Instrument & Audio Effects Software

  • Air Advance Music Production Suite
  • Air Advance Music Production Suite
  • Air Advance Music Production Suite
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70 Cutting Edge Titles, 20,000+ Patches and Samples, Includes Virtual Instruments and FX, Install from Advance Hard Drive

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Air Advance Music Production Suite Product Description

The Air Advance Music Production Suite for Mac and PC is the ultimate producers’ bundle that provides you with a huge array of professional tools to create, modulate, and master audio as well as a large library of amazing quality mix ready samples. Featuring over 25 virtual instruments, 15 plus plugin effects and 15 extensive sample packs the Air Advance Music Production Suite gives everyone the opportunity to compose and produce professional quality audio projects with all the tools needed located in one convenient and reasonably priced bundle.

Containing software from a range of developers such as iZotope, Sonic Academy, Waves, Akia Professional and many more leading music production and sample developers the Air Advance Music Production Suite is loaded with professional standard tools that will push your creativity to the max. All the software contained in the Air Advance Production Suite is provided on a 500GB hard drive to ensure a safe and simple set up. The Air Advance Music Production Suite contains a range of virtual instruments (compatible with most leading DAWs) ranging from realistic guitar and bass tones both acoustic and electric to orchestral brass and woodwind virtual instruments performed by Boston's finest symphony players.

With the large selection of effects plug-ins provided in the Air Advance Production Suite you can manipulate and edit your mixes adding new life to a tone or even just giving it an added bit of depth and texture. Some of the types of effects included in this pack are chorus, distortion, delay, compressor, advanced equalizer, mastering compression/limiter, reverb and many more.


VST Instruments

  • Alchemy Player: A sample-manipulation synthesizer (Camel Audio)
  • Atsia Percussion: A library of African percussion and drum instruments (SONiVOX)
  • Big Bang Cinematic: A cinematic drum and percussion instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Big Band Universal Drums: Expertly sampled virtual drum module (SONiVOX)
  • Bright Electric Guitar: A virtual Fender Stratocaster instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Classic Bass: A virtual Fender Precision bass instrument (SONiVOX)
  • DVI Acoustic Guitar: A virtual Martin acoustic guitar instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Dynamic Acoustic Bass: A virtual acoustic bass instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Eighty Eight Ensemble 2.0: An authentic recreation of a Steinway grand piano (SONiVOX)
  • Fender Telecaster: Authentic Telecaster virtual Instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Heavy Pick Bass: A virtual heavy-picked bass guitar instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Hybrid 3: A subtractive and wavetable synthesizer (AIR Music Technology)
  • Jazz Guitar: A virtual jazz guitar instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Loom: A modular additive synthesizer (AIR Music Technology)
  • LP Guitar: A virtual Les Paul guitar instrument (SONiVOX)
  • MPC Essentials: A virtual MPC instrument and plugin host (Akai Professional)
  • Orchestral Brass: Symphonic Brass Collection (SONiVOX)
  • Orchestral Strings: Symphonic String Collection (SONiVOX)
  • Orchestral Woodwind: Symphonic Woodwinds Collection (SONiVOX)
  • Playa Aggro Electro Boom: Electronic hip hop virtual instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Playa Hip Hop Strings: Hip hop virtual string instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Playa Hip Hop Virtual Instrument: Comprehensive hip hop virtual instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual: Reggaeton virtual instrument (SONiVOX)
  • Strike: A dynamic drum and arranger instrument (AIR Music Technology)
  • Structure: A multi-timbral sampler instrument (AIR Music Technology)
  • Timewarp 2600: A virtual ARP 2600 synthesizer (Way Out Ware)
  • Transfuser: An innovative groove-creation platform (AIR Music Technology)
  • Twin 2: A virtual analog synthesizer (FabFilter)
  • Twist 2: A spectral morphing synthesizer (SONiVOX)
  • Vacuum Pro: A subtractive vacuum-tube synthesizer (AIR Music Technology)
  • Velvet: A versatile electric-piano instrument (AIR Music Technology)
  • Vocalizer Pro: A vocoder musical instrument and effect (SONiVOX)
  • Wobble 2: An electronic-music grime synthesizer (SONiVOX)

Effects & Mastering Software

  • Syntorus: An analog chorus effect (D16 Group)
  • Devastor: A multiband distortion effect (D16 Group)
  • Fazortan: A controllable space phaser (D16 Group)
  • Sigmund: A flexible delay unit (D16 Group)
  • Simplon A filter effect with a unique analog character (FabFilter)
  • Bloom A creative delay and diffusion effect (FXpansion)
  • D.Cam Chancomp A circuit-modeled channel compressor (FXpansion)
  • D.Cam Buscomp: A high-quality bus compressor (FXpansion)
  • D.Cam Envshaper: An envelope and dynamics processor (FXpansion)
  • D.Cam Crosscomp: A frequency-selective dynamics processor (FXpansion)
  • Stutter Edit: A stutter effect and instrument (iZotope)
  • PSP Retroq: An equalizer with a musical character (PSP)
  • PSP MCQ: A console-modeled equalizer (PSP)
  • Permut8: A step-sequencing mutator and decimator (Sonic Charge)
  • Renaissance Channel: A virtual channel strip (WAVES)
  • Finalplug: A mastering compressor/limiter (Wave Arts)
  • MasterVerb: A multi-algorithm reverb effect (Wave Arts)

Samples & Loops

  • Taste Of Camel: A 120-preset expansion pack for Alchemy Player (Camel Audio)
  • Big Tone: A synth expansion pack for Alchemy Player (Camel Audio)
  • Mainroom Nation: A sample pack of mainroom synths, drums, and more (Prime Loops)
  • Vintage Machine Drums: A sample pack of vintage analog drum machines (Prime Loops)
  • Ultimate Trap Producer: A sample pack of Trap instrumentals and drums (Prime Loops)
  • Monster Bass One-Shots: A sample pack of bass one-shots and loops (Prime Loops)
  • Smooth Keys: A sample pack of smooth electric pianos (Prime Loops)
  • Rasta Vocal Samples 2: A sample pack of Rasta vocal samples (Prime Loops)
  • Pop Guitars: A sample pack of pop guitar licks and loops (Prime Loops)
  • Minimal & Tech House Drums: A sample pack of synthesized drum sounds (Prime Loops)
  • Heavy Impacts: A sample pack of industrial and percussive one-shots (Prime Loops)
  • Studio Drums: A sample pack of studio drum loops and one-shots (Prime Loops)
  • EDM Essentials: A sample pack of EDM loops and one-shots (Prime Loops)
  • Dubstep SFX: A sample pack of Dubstep loops and one-shots (Prime Loops)
  • Complex Electro Synths: A sample pack of electro synthesizers (Prime Loops)
  • Cinematic Moods: A sample pack of cinematic orchestral instruments (Prime Loops)
  • Arabic Vibez: A sample pack of Arabic and eastern instruments (Prime Loops)
  • Ambient Pads: A sample pack of ethereal ambient pads (Prime Loops)
  • Sonic Academy: Online video tutorials (Sonic Academy)
  • Gobbler: Cloud collaboration and file management software (Gobbler)

Air Advance Music Production Suite Additional Information

Brand Air
Colour Black
Condition New
Compatibility PC, Mac
Supported Format VST, Audio Units
Instrument Types Bundle / Workstation
Effect Type Plug-In Bundle
EAN 00694318016619