Celebrate 45 Years of Yamaha Synth With The Limited Edition Montage in White

28th Sep 2019

Celebrate 45 Years of Yamaha Synth With The Limited Edition Montage in White

Yamaha have released a limited edition white version of their flagship synthesizer / workstation, the Montage, to celebrate 45 years of producing top class synths.

MONTAGE is now available in a stunning new white finish. AND MONTAGE OS v3.0 is AVAILABLE NOW and adds great new features! In October MODX owners get all those new features too!

Since 1974, Yamaha synthesizers have inspired artists with amazing sound and expressive control. From the dynamic DX7 to the incredibly versatile MOTIF, Yamaha synthesizers have helped artists shape the sound of music.

Enter MONTAGE White – a flagship synthesizer with an intense hot look.

Great White: alternative finish for MONTAGE

Since its introduction, synthesizer flagship Yamaha MONTAGE continues to excite with its powerful sound engine, versatile and flexible controls and an impressive playing feel. Successful artists around the world rely on the legendary manufacturer’s top synthesizer. Today, Yamaha also adds a new visual option: the three MONTAGE models are now also available with a sophisticated white finish. With this new exterior variation, MONTAGE not only fits into any musical environment, but can also match the users’ tastes aesthetically.

Yamaha Montage White Sliders

Look the part on stage.

On stage, MONTAGE White reflects the spotlight, drawing attention to you and your performance. In the studio, it’s a stylish centerpiece with a visual matching your audio inspiration.

Combine MONTAGE White’s look with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow for a powerful synthesizer designed to stoke your creativity.

Yamaha Montage White Back

See The Yamaha Montage White in action:

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