Yamaha Release DTX8 And DTX10 Premium Electronic Drums

16th Sep 2021

Yamaha Release DTX8 And DTX10 Premium Electronic Drums

Yamaha DTX10 and DTX8 combine genuine drum feeling with first class studio sound. Yamaha further refines the faithful reproduction of a real acoustic drum kit's sound and feel,with its brand-new DTX10 and DTX8 e-drums.

Featuring real drum sounds and real room ambience recorded in world renowned studios, playability that allows you to create sounds intuitively, inspiring feel and expressiveness, and the true beauty of real birch shells with the same finishes used on acoustic drums, the DTX10 series was born from the technology and sensibilities that Yamaha has cultivated over its many years of crafting drums.

Real sounds that drive the drummer

No compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves. The DTX PROX sounds have been fine-tuned to naturally follow the drummer’s performance and allow for maximum expression.

Yamaha DTX-10 Drums Play

Intuitive playability that inspires creativity

The Kit Modifier and LED rotary fader featured on the DTX-PROX offers drummers limitless possibilities for their creativity.

Yamaha DTX-10 Drums Module

Optimum feel

The DTX10 series lets drummers choose between two head materials according to their personal preference, for optimum response when playing.

Yamaha DTX-10 Drum Heads

Yamaha DTX8 Drums Kits Are Available As Well

See The DTX10K-X In Action: