Yamaha DTX6 Electronic Drum Kits

2nd Mar 2021

Yamaha DTX6 Electronic Drum Kits

Yamaha Release DTX6 Range Of Electronic Drum Kits. What Are The Main Features And What Are The Differences Between Each Model?

Three new electronic drum kits from Yamaha give drummers an authentic feel as well as realistic sounds, and a bunch of useful day-to-day features. The DTX6K-X, the DTX6K2-X and the DTX6K3-X all cater for slightly different players and budgets, and provide a quieter and more compact alternative to an acoustic drum kit. 

Yamaha DTX-PRO Drum Module

All three models feature Yamaha’s incredible DTX-PRO drum module, which serves as the driving force behind the DTX6 series. The DTX-PRO module contains 400+ different sounds including a range of incredible sounding acoustic drum kits. Yamaha are well-known for their drum kits, with pros all over the world using them in the studio and on stage. Yamaha sampled a bunch of these kits in some of the best studios in the Europe and that’s what you’re triggering when you play the DTX6 kits. Like with an acoustic kit, how hard you hit varies the sound you get. Some of the pads even sound different depending on whereabouts you strike it. You’ve also got studio-grade effects on board that are easily accessed so you can get your drums sounding exactly how you want them. The USB connection makes it easy to record (audio or MIDI), and you can connect to the Yamaha Rec’n’Share app to share your performances via your smartphone or tablet.

Yamaha DTX-PRO Drum Module

Yamaha DTX6K-X

This is the first kit in the series and features rubber tom pads and the XP-80 snare pad - this is made with silicone so that it feels and responds very similarly to the head of an acoustic snare drum. There are three zones on the pad so you get slightly different sounds depending on where you strike it - again, making it more like playing an acoustic kit, albeit with less noise. The kick pad is fairly small, but big enough to fit a double kick pedal. Overall, the Yamaha DTX6K-X is a pretty compact and light kit, so it’s ideal if space is an issue. It’s a great kit for aspiring and new drummers, as well as those that want to use it as a MIDI trigger. 

Yamaha DTX6K2-X

The Yamaha DTX6K2 has the same pad configuration as the model below - so you’ve still got the realistic feel of the XP-80 snare pad, but you get an extra cymbal and the RHH135 hi-hat pad. This also sits on a proper hi-hat stand - so you get the same feel as you’d get sat at an acoustic kit. The stand is a little bigger too, giving you more room for the hi-hat pedal and for double kicker work, should you need it. Add to this an upgraded kick drum pad and you’ve got an electronic drum kit that’s ideal for aspiring drummers, as well as those who are already playing but want a quiet home practice tool, and teachers and studios.

Yamaha DTX6K3-X

Maschine MK3 comes with an acclaimed 8 GB library of high-quality samples, sliced loops, drum kits, instruments, patterns, and projects right out of the box. Plus, it also includes Komplete 11 Select – 11 premium instruments like, Massive and Monark, and effects for a sonic palette as vast as your imagination. 

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