Yamaha Announce New DHR / CHR Loudspeakers

10th Sep 2021

Yamaha Announce New DHR / CHR Loudspeakers

Yamaha Introduce The Powered DHR & Passive CHR Series Loudspeakers

Building on their decades of experience making high-quality audio products, Yamaha have introduced six new loudspeakers, covering a variety of wattages and applications. The new Yamaha DHR and CHR loudspeakers include both passive and powered units that allow you to get incredible sound on stage, and front of house, whether you need a rock solid floor monitor or a powerful speaker in a fixed installation.

All speakers within the Yamaha CHR and DHR series feature premium plywood construction and a tough polyurea coating, making them incredibly durable and reliable. Each speaker has been designed with an incredibly practical approach too, so they’re perfect for whichever application you need it for.

There are three models, each with the option of being active (DHR) or passive (CHR) - 10”, 12” and 15”.

Yamaha DHR15 & CHR15

  • Ideal for FOH applications
  • Two-way loudspeaker with 15” woofer and 1.4” HF driver
  • 1000W maximum power 
  • Dual-angle pole sockets and rigging points

Yamaha DHR12 & CHR12

  • Ideal for floor monitor use

  • Two-way loudspeaker with 12” woofer and 1.75” HF driver
  • 1000W maximum power 
  • Coaxial compression driver for improved clarity and smooth frequency response

Yamaha DHR10 & CHR10

  • Ideal for fixed installation and utilities
  • Two-way loudspeaker with 10” woofer and 1.4” HF driver
  • 700W maximum power
  • 90 degree rotatable horn - can be mounted vertically or horizontally