!!! TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!!! Get a Sphere L22 Mic Free with any UA Rackmount Apollo

3rd Oct 2022

!!! TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!!!  Get a Sphere L22 Mic Free with any UA Rackmount Apollo

!!! TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!!! Get a Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone Free with any Rackmount Apollo.

Please note that we are temporarily SOLD OUT of promotional bundles.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us for further information on supply! 

While supplies last, we’re offering a Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone — a £1099 value — FREE with any Apollo rackmount audio interface!

Create with the world’s most acclaimed audio interfaces for Mac and Windows and record in realtime with the Sphere L22, featuring 34 legendary microphone models giving you the sound used by everyone from The Beatles and Frank Sinatra to Beyoncé and Radiohead.

Townsend Sphere L22

Featuring a three-dimensional approach to recording, the Sphere L22 microphone captures all the spatial nuances, proximity effect and off-axis response for a wide range of microphones. Essentially, the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 allows you to achieve a wide range of microphone sounds with just one single microphone.

  • Change mic type, polar pattern, and other microphone characteristics before and after recording
  • Cutting-edge microphone modeling technology
  • Three-dimensional modeling (3D polar response, transient response, proximity effect)
  • Re-mic recorded tracks (select mic type, polar pattern, and all other DSP settings even after tracking)
  • Adjustable proximity effect (leave mic in place while adjusting bass response due to proximity effect)
  • Simultaneous mic models (lets you mix multiple virtual mic models from the same physical mic before or after tracking)
  • Stereo recordings with one mic (even use different mic models on left and right channels)
  • Off-axis correction (create more accurate polar patterns that can be used to reduce bleed, room coloration and feedback)
  • Axis shift (virtually rotate the axis of the mic)
  • Wide range of plug-in formats (AAX Native, VST2, VST3, UAD (Mac and Windows), Audio Units (Mac only)
  • Flat frequency response (possible to create a virtual mic with an extremely flat response)
  • Polar meter (the plug-in features a unique, visually informative polar pattern meter that displays direction and level of sound arriving at the mic
  • Low noise (self-noise level of 9dB-A SPL
  • Uses standard 48 V phantom power