Universal Audio Announce Premium Guitar Pedals

28th Jan 2021

Universal Audio Announce Premium Guitar Pedals

Universal Audio Announce UAFX Guitar Pedal Series Featuring The Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator And The Starlight Echo Station

UAD have taken their first step into the world of guitar effects pedals. The UAFX Series is made up of three high-quality, premium pedals - a reverb, a modulation and a delay. Each pedal recreates some highly sought-after, legendary sounds that, until now, have been difficult to replicate well in a single pedal. All three UAFX pedals feature an incredibly powerful sound engine, an analogue dry-through signal path, stereo/dual mono operation, live/preset modes, build quality that lives up to the UAD name, plus you can download some extra sounds on to the pedal when you get it. You can also switch from true bypass to buffered bypass (done via the UAFX Control software expected in Spring 2021).

Universal Audio UAFX Guitar Pedals

Universal Audio are known for replicating classic pieces of analogue gear with astonishing authenticity, and these UAFX guitar effects pedals are no exception.

Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

The Golden Reverberator is a versatile and dynamic reverb pedal with three reverb types:

  • Spring 65 - Based on Fender spring reverb tanks of the mid-60s (UAD have spent years developing this)
  • Plate 140 - This is based on the classic EMT140 plate reverb from Record Plant Studio in New York
  • Hall 224 - This is a digital-style reverb based on the Lexicon 224 with its Room, Small Hall and Large Hall settings

This pedal gives you incredible emulations of some classic gear - from Van Halen-style plate reverb to surf-esque spring and a whole lot more. Of course, each reverb type can be tweaked to your liking and, as well as the bypass switch, you’ve got a preset switch to store your favourite settings. If you plug the pedal into your computer, you can download two extra reverb types - Plate and Chamber 224.

Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine

The Astra gives you three classic modulation types:

  • Chorus Brigade - Lush chorus modeled on the legendary bucket brigade chorus units of the 70s (i.e. the BOSS CE-1 and CE-2)
  • Flanger DBLR - This flanger / doubler effect has a similar vibe to the classic 70s MXR studio flanger
  • Trem 65 - warm, 60s valve-amp style tremolo with sine and square modes

This is a one-stop-shop pedal for your modulation needs. The UAFX Astra Modulation Machine packs a lot into one incredibly well-built pedal, plus each effect is incredibly authentic to its original source, meaning you’ve essentially got three bits of classic gear in one stomp box, with a preset switch for quick recall of your favourite settings. When you register the pedal, you get a downloadable Phase 90 and Dharma Trem 61 too!

Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

The UAFX Starlight packs three completely different delay types into one pedal:

  • Tape EP-III - Based on the legendary Echoplex III, with the choice of ‘tape age’ and the much sought-after preamp colouration
  • Analog DMM - You guessed it - based on the bucket-brigade Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory man, again with optional preamp colouration 
  • Precision - This more of a modern, digital delay with plenty of UAD modulation options

For what the Starlight packs in, it remains a fairly compact pedal. There are three really sought-after delay units perfectly emulated, covering a massive time period, so whether you’re seeking vintage or modern tones, you can nail them all. The preset switch also acts as a tap tempo which is incredibly useful!