UA Releases UAFX Control Mobile App

30th Aug 2021

UA Releases UAFX Control Mobile App

Universal Audio Launch UAFX Control App For Their Effects Pedals

Earlier this year marked Universal Audio’s first foray into the world of guitar effects pedals. The UAFX Golden Reverberator, Astra Modulation Machine and Starlight Echo Station have proven to be incredibly popular, with all three serving up a variety of impressively accurate takes on classic, sought-after hardware units. Upon their launch, UA talked about an app that would unlock a new effect for each pedal, as well as the ability to control your pedal via Bluetooth - that app - UAFX Control, is now here and can be downloaded from the Universal Audio website for free.

It’s recommend that you first download UAFX for your Mac or PC first, and connect to your pedal(s) via USB. This will enable you to register your pedal, get your free bonus effect and ensure that you’re running on the latest firmware. These pedals are already incredible, but they’re made even more versatile and powerful with addition of an extra effect. Here’s what you get:

  • Golden Reverberator - Chamber & Plate effect (vintage percussion/constant plates and acoustic chamber)
  • Astra Modulation Machine - Dharma 61 (dynamically controllable harmonic tremolo) and Phaser X90 (classic vintage phasing)
  • Starlight Echo Station - Cooper Time Cube (vintage “garden hose” echo with a unique sound)

Once you’ve done that, you can download the UAFX Control app on to your iOS or Android device. Within the app, you can switch between true bypass and buffered/trails bypass, plus you can switch the right modes of the right-hand side footswitch. You can even change the dry sound on the Echo Station so that it adds preamp colouration, like you’d get on the original hardware units. This mobile connectivity lets you choose how you work with the pedal, whether you prefer the feel and look of a mobile screen, or the tactile nature of the units themselves. 

UAFX Control App