This April Get 33% Off VocAlign Project

6th Apr 2021

This April Get 33% Off VocAlign Project

Get 33% Off The Award-Winning VocALign in April, Plus Get Any Paid Upgrades For The Next 6 Months

To celebrate their recently won Scientific and Technical Academy Award at the Oscars, Synchro Arts are offering a third off VocALign Project throughout the month of April. If you purchase it during this sale period, you’ll also get any paid upgrades released in the next six months for free. VocAlign is an invaluable tool both in music and film production. It’s a piece of software that can align two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other, within seconds.

VocALign In Music

As its name eludes to, VocALign is incredibly well suited to lining up vocal takes, so that all the timings match up. This can be used to make vocals sound tighter - great for double tracking in certain parts to make them stand out more. It’s also really useful for using on backing vocals. When recording, it can take a while to get every phrase sung in exactly the same way each time - particularly if there is more than one singer. With VocALign, you can rectify this in seconds, slightly shifting the timing of the backing vocals to match that of the main part. 

It can also be used on instruments. Again, this is really handy when double tracking something like guitars - it can help them all sound much tighter, which will lead to your recordings sounding more polished and more professional. 

VocALign In Film & TV

VocALign has been praised for its use in the TV and film industries. It’s a great tool for post-sync ADR (automated dialogue replacement). If you need to replace dialogue after it’s been filmed, then this software can help ensure you get precisely the right timing, so that it matches up visually.