Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Station Now Available

22nd Oct 2021

Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast Station Now Available

Now Available: The Tascam Mixcast 4 All In One Podcast And Content Creation Console

Over the last few years, the rise in popularity of podcasts has gone through the roof, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Once upon a time, you would have needed a lot of gear to get going with your own podcast, however thanks to products like the Tascam Mixcast 4, it’s never been easier to make your own podcast and share it with the world.

What Is The Tascam Mixcast 4?

The Tascam Mixcast 4 is an all-in-one content creation console that’s perfect for things like podcasts, live-streaming, event production and voice overs. You can record, mix and even insert sound effects, background music, jingles and pretty much anything else, all from the Mixcast unit. With four microphone inputs, and four individual headphone outputs, you’ve got plenty of scope for capturing and monitoring audio in different places around the room.

Intuitive Layout

The Tascam Mixcast 4 features a really intuitive layout too. Easy to reach faders control the level for each input, including channels for the bluetooth, USB and aux inputs (great for capturing phone conversations). There’s a 5 inch colour touchscreen for navigating your way around the various functions of the Mixcast, so you’re never more than a few taps away from finding the right settings for what you need. In addition, there are eight pads that can be used to trigger a number of things - samples, jingles, sound effects - anything you need!

Tascam Mixcast 4 Layout

All-In-One Unit

This is a complete audio production console, so you don’t need a computer. You can use one for editing after if you wish; it even comes with software designed exactly for that, but you don’t need to use it. Everything can be done from the unit itself - you can record up to 14 tracks directly on to the SD card and mix from there too. It’s so easy to great great, professional sounding results with the Tascam Mixcast 4.

Tascam Mixcast 4 Podcast