Music Matter Synthesizer Clearance: Priced To Go!

13th Jun 2018

Music Matter Synthesizer Clearance: Priced To Go!

Music Matter Synthesizer Clearance: For A Limited Time Your Favourite Analog & Digital Keyboard / Modular Synths Are Reduced Heavily To Go!

Whether you're a beginner looking for their first synth or a professional looking to upgrade their analog Set Up we have a fantastic selection of brand new Products. Take a look at some of the top recommended products with the biggest saving for 2018.

1. Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer Keyboard

The Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesizer Keyboard is a powerhouse of a performance synthesizer, boasting built-in effects, performance features and a 4-part multi-timbral design. The Nord Lead 4 features a 49-note velocity-sensitive keybed complete with octave shift buttons.

The velocity-sensitive keybed provide fluid playability, emulating the feel of a traditional grand piano for added expression. At the heart of the Nord Lead 4 is the oscillator section, providing 2 oscillators wiper voice with 20-voice polyphony.

The subtractive design features classic waveforms such as Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, Pulse and PWM. The 4-part multi-timbral design allows you to produce two more sounds at the same time, great for combining sounds and creating your own.

2. Waldorf Pulse 2 Modular Analog Synth

Waldorf Pulse 2 Modular Analog Synth hosts cutting edge and powerful lows in one compact box
Sometimes they do come back, and this time, it's with even more brute-strength power onboard.

You are looking at a completely analog synthesizer that accurately delivers what synthesizer enthusiasts around the world truly crave. Pulse 2 is the reincarnation of it's legendary ancestor, the Waldorf Pulse, that dominated the electronic music of the 90s.

3. Korg Monologue Black Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

The Monologue’s synthesis engine has been overhauled with a range of new features that improve functionality and performance. The VCF has been changed for 2-pole, for added bite and crunch. A Drive dial has been added for rich bass and cutting leads, and the LFO control has been expanded with higher rates and deeper modulation for increased control.

The Step Sequencer now features 16 high quality step buttons for faster real-time edits, improving your overall workflow. A push button and turn knob are also included for ‘parameter lock’ style motion sequencing. A new key trigger allows transposition control of sequences in real-time.

4. Roland TR-09 Modular Drum Machine

The original TR-909 blended analog kick, snare, and tom drums with six-bit samples for the hi-hats and cymbals. This hybrid approach to sound generation meant that the 909 sounded like no other drum machine.

Accurately recreating such an influential sound while retaining the ability to edit and tweak the various parameters is only possible via Roland’s ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology, which is also found in the popular AIRA series.

5. Waldorf Blofeld Keys Keyboard Synthesizer

Not only on the outside did the  Waldorf Blofeld gain weight, also the Blofelds inner qualities have seen a remarkable step-up: besides the virtual-analog synthesis and the classic wavetables the Waldorf Blofeld Keyboardnow sports a whopping 60 megabytes of sample memory. Just imagine to add a vocal-like noise spectrum to a typical Wavetable pad, spice-up a virtual-analog solo sound with a strong attack sample or just process any other sample with the countless oscillator and filter modulations.

Play your sound creations on the high-quality keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. Pitchbend and modulation wheel are at your disposal and, as a matter of course, you can connect a sustain pedal.

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