Steinberg Wavelab Audio Mastering Software Summer Sale

8th Jul 2019

Steinberg Wavelab Audio Mastering Software Summer Sale

From July 1st to July 31st, Steinberg are running a new 30% off promotion on Wavelab 9.5 Audio Mastering Software, this will apply to both Pro & Elements.

Ranging from a top-notch Spectrum Editor to the new restoration plug-in suite to the unique Audio Inpainting technology alongside a redesigned and enhanced plug-in set — WaveLab 9.5 is a quantum leap in audio quality.

Steinberg Wavelab 9.5 Software

Features At A Glance

Comprehensive spectral editing functionality

Overhauled Spectrogram

WaveLab 9.5 offers a new, modern and better looking Spectrogram with many additional display settings to allow you to meticulously find and edit that particular frequency you are looking for. The Spectrogram offers a customizable view, display settings, color schemes with presets, psychoacoustic scales and all this with unprecedented speed and performance.

Brand-new Wavelet display

Alongside the new Spectrogram, WaveLab Pro 9.5 introduces a Wavelet display that allows you to visualize the musical content of your audio file more accurately, since the analysis is based on musical pitch scaling. The Wavelet display performs a dynamic energy distribution in the whole frequency range, showing a higher time resolution in high frequencies and a higher frequency resolution in lower frequencies. As well as the new Spectrogram, the Wavelet display is also highly customizable and presets can be stored.

State-of-the-art Spectrum Editor

In accordance with the new ribbon and tabs concept introduced in WaveLab 9, version 9.5 now offers a dedicated Spectrum tab, with a wide range of brand-new tools and functions that enable very accurate yet flexible spectral editing, always available right there when and where you need them.

Alongside the standard rectangle selection tool, many new selection options have been added to the toolset including Lasso for drawing a free shape of selection, Brush that allows you to paint a selection and a Magic Wand that automatically analyses and selects the surrounding spectral content with similar dB magnitude with a single mouse click. It is also possible to automatically select one or more harmonics of a selected fundamental frequency.

Audio Inpainting

You may have heard of the Inpainting terminology from graphics editing software, and now WaveLab Pro 9.5 has implemented it for audio. Audio Inpainting is Steinberg’s patent-pending technology to remove unwanted noise from your audio material and replace it meaningfully by analyzing the spectral information of the surrounding area and recreating the missing content in a logical way. This can also be used in other cases, such as to regenerate missing audio caused by an audio dropout or to get rid of audio artifacts.

New Error Correction tab

The error correction toolset in WaveLab has also been redesigned and transferred to the new Error Correction tab, allowing for an intuitive worflow and quick access to all functions speeding up the process of finding and correcting clicks and errors in your audio material. Additionally to the usability enhancements, the Error Correction tab now also includes the Audio Inpainting algorithm, so that you can repair your audio files without necessarily being an expert in spectral editing.

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