Steinberg New Year Sale

6th Jan 2022

Steinberg New Year Sale

Steinberg Offer 40% Off Some Of Their Popular Software Titles Including Groove Agent 5, WaveLab Pro 11 And WaveLab Elements 11

New year, new beats - right? Well, lucky for you, Steinberg are running a New Year sale on a bunch of their popular software titles, including Beat Agent 5, meaning you get more bang for buck on some already pretty amazing value titles. From the 6th January through til the 4th February 2022, you can buy Groove Agent 5, WaveLab Pro 11 and/or WaveLab Elements 11 all with 40% off.

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Steinberg Groove Agent 5

Regardless of what sort of drums you need; whether they be electronic or acoustic, Steinberg’s Groove Agent has you covered. Drums aren’t always the easiest or most practical instrument to record without a big studio at your disposal, so using software to track your drums is often easier, quicker and cheaper. Steinberg Groove Agent 5 also delivers exceptionally high-quality sounding drums - you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference in a blind test! Jazz, rock, blues, country, electronic - it’s all covered! Plus now with 40% off, until 4th February 2022, you make a great saving.

Steinberg WaveLab

Steinberg WaveLab is one of, if not the most popular pieces of software for mastering music. Mastering can seem to be somewhat of a dark art, however, their WaveLab programmes make it easier to understand mastering and get your own music sounding polished and radio-ready.  WaveLab is a complete mastering solution, with every tool that you will ever need to cover your workflow from start to finish, whether you’re getting your mixes ready for digital distribution, vinyl, CD or anything else.