SSL Release BiG SiX Mixing Console

6th Jan 2022

SSL Release BiG SiX Mixing Console

SSL Launch The BiG SiX Desktop Mixing Console With Full USB Integration

The Solid State Logic SiX mixer was hugely popular with a range of producers and artists, though it wasn’t without a few shortfalls. SSL have listened to the feedback and addressed it in the form of their brand new desktop mixing console - the aptly named BiG SiX. 

The SSL BiG SiX is a studio grade mixing console that essentially gives you the best of both digital and analogue worlds. There are features taken from the bigger legendary SSL mixers, however the BiG SiX has full USB integration, so you can use it as an interface with your Mac or PC. On top of this, you’ve got additional processing, flexible routing, 16 channels and some world-renowned compression and EQ. 

SuperAnalogue Mic Pres

The new BiG SiX mixer features four SuperAnalogue mic pres and stereo inputs, which help deliver a high bandwidth and low distortion resulting in some of the fastest acting and most tonally accurate circuits around. 

SSL Big Six Mixer

EQ And Bus Compressor

SSL’s legendary G-Series bus compressor sits across the mix bus of the BiG SiX (it actually features the same circuit topology as the original design found on the SL 4000 G-Series console) allowing you get that polished, finished sound that you hear coming from professional music studios and producers. Every channel on the BiG SiX also has an SSL 3-band E-series EQ allowing for plenty of tweaking, with minimal fuss, as well as three compressor styles.

SSL Big Six Mixer Side

Here are some of the main features found on the SSL BiG SiX:

  • Four SuperAnalogue ‘Money Channels’
  • Four stereo inputs 
  • Built in 16 channel high quality USB AD and DA Converters
  • Three compressor flavours
  • 100 mm studio grade faders 
  • Professional LED meters
  • Essential version of SSL Bus Compressor
  • Two headphone outputs
  • Comprehensive Monitoring section
  • Two stereo cue feeds 
  • Bus B / Mute switching 
  • Two fully balanced stereo summing inputs
  • Up to 18 inputs at mixdown
  • Mix Bus inject for cascading additional SiX/BiG SiX