SoundCloud Go+ Free Trial For PRIME Series Users

17th Feb 2021

SoundCloud Go+ Free Trial For PRIME Series Users

Free 3 Month SoundCloud Go+ Membership Trial For Denon DJ Prime Users

Denon DJ have announced that users of their Prime series can claim a three month membership to SoundCloud Go+ absolutely free. SoundCloud is used by millions of musicians worldwide, both for streaming and uploading music. With SoundCloud Go+, you get access to higher quality audio files, mainstream releases, unlimited offline streaming and much more. Plus, it can be accessed from your Denon DJ Prime console, without the need for a computer. 

Denon DJ Prime

SoundCloud Go+

With SoundCloud Go+, you’ve got the option of regular (128 kb/s) and high quality (256 kb/s) streaming, allowing you to enjoy all the minute details in the music. This membership also gives you access to much more tracks; from mainstream releases to DJ sets and remixes. Add into that ad-free and offline listening (so you’re not constantly draining your data), you’ve got a streaming platform that’s up there with the big hitters. What makes this free SoundCloud Go+ three month membership even better is how well it can integrate in your Denon DJ Prime setup.

Denon DJ Live

Personalised Engine OS Experience

SoundCloud Go+ brings a unique and personalised experience to Engine OS standalone devices, so you don’t need to connect a laptop or tablet for your music source. With this, you can access your SoundCloud Library from within your Denon DJ Prime unit - that means your own tracks, playlists that you’ve liked and created, play history, followed artists and more. Important performance information like BPM, Loops, Hot Cues and Key are saved to the source drive so can be instantly recalled the next time that particular track is loaded. 

If you’re a Denon DJ Prime series user, then you can sign up for your free 3 month SoundCloud Go+ membership easily. Just head over to