Softube Console 1 MK2 DAW Controller Price Drop Promo

2nd Nov 2018

Softube Console 1 MK2 DAW Controller Price Drop Promo

During the months of November & December Get 20% Off Softube's Mega Popular Console 1 MK2 DAW Controller

Softube Console 1 MK2 is a Powerful & Highly Intuitive Control Interface that features over 60 Console 1 ready plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio

 You could own this amazing controller for a super cheap price during the months of November & December!

See The Console 1 MK2 in Action:

Intuitive Controls

The Console 1 MKII from Softube includes a wide range of dedicated controls for every aspect of your DAW. The sleek design features a range of different sections with controls including: ADSR filter, Cutoff, Threshold, Pan, Volume and more. The rotary style control knobs allow you to precisely dial-in the required amount of each control for optimal precision. The ergonomic layout features labels for all the controls as well as a track selection array at the top of the panel. With its highly intuitive controls, the Softube Console MKII Control Surface features everything you need to process, mix and edit your source audio. The upgraded hardware design features more visible LED markers as well as a range of enhancements for improved efficiency.

Softube Console 1 MK2 Intuitive Controls

Optimise Your Workflow

At the heart of the Softube Console 1 MKII is the sound of the infamous Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console, one of the most legendary high-end consoles ever released. The analog circuitry, the Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console includes is replicated and integrated within the Console 1 MKII Control Interface, for vintage analog warmth with exceptional clarity and audio fidelity. One of the most unique features of the Console 1 MKII is the ability to customise your channels with the 60 available Console 1 read plug-ins, created by Softube and Universal Audio. These studio-grade plugins feature software emulations of some of the most sought-after compressors, EQ’s and more. The plug-ins include: Tube-Tech Classic Channel, tube-Tech 1B Compressor, Trident A-Range, Tube-Tech PE 1C ‘Pultec’ Equalizer, Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor just to name a few.

Softube Console 1 Mk2 Optimize

Seamless Integration

The Console 1 MKII Control interface works with all the major DAWs available, with additional support for Presonus Studio One and Cakewalk Sonar. The seamless integration the Console 1 MKII provides, ensures optimal control for all your parameters and functions within your selected DAW. In addition to the Console 1 ready plug-ins, the Console 1 MKII also features support for Console 1 channel strips with EQ, compressor, gate and modelled saturation borrowed from the original analog hardware. The options available at the moment (with more to come in the future) are as follows: Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1, British Class A For Console 1 and Summit Audio Grand Channel for Console 1.

Softube Console 1 MK2 Integration

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