Serato Integration Now With Denon DJ SC6000/M

11th Mar 2021

Serato Integration Now With Denon DJ SC6000/M

The Flagship Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME And SC6000M PRIME Models Are Now Compatible With The Latest Version Of Serato DJ Pro.

Serato’s latest update - 2.4.6 means that the most popular DJ software platform in the world is now compatible with some of the most versatile and innovative DJ players. The new update will allow the flagship Denon DJ SC6000 and SC6000M PRIME controllers to integrate with Serato so you can take advantage of their performance-centric features to help make your workflow easier. Compatibility will give SC6000 and SC6000M users a 10.1” window into Serato’s workflow and a greater command over your mix.

Denon DJ Serato Integration

10.1: HD Touchscreen
The touchscreen on the Denon DJ SC6000 now lets you browse and navigate Serato DJ Pro’s library, plus it can provide you with moving RGB waveforms and  vital track information, so you know exactly whereabouts you are in your tracks at all times.


4 Deck Selection
The new Serato DJ Pro update now lets you select and control any of the four decks available at the touch of a button, giving you better control over your mix.


Serato DJ Pro is full of performance features and this new update lets you use your Denon DJ SC6000 or SC6000M to control them. You’ve now got optimal, tactile and easy access to Hot Cues, Loops, Slicer, Beat Jump, Roll, Sampler and more, as well as basic DJ playback and mixing functions.

Serato 2.4.6 Update

Here are the key features with the Serato integration:

  • Full RGB moving waveforms1:1
  • Hardware control for decks 1 thru 4
  • Access Serato DJ Pro Hot Cues, Loops, Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Beat Jump and Pitch Play (Pitch‘N Time DJ license required)
  • Sort library by track, artist, BPM, key or time
  • Extensive track info: Time, Loop, Beat Jump, Sync, BPM, Pitch Range, Pitch % Adjust
  • Needle-drop track search
  • Certified OSA (Official Serato Accessory – requires compatible audio interface/mixer)