Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Module Synth

16th Aug 2023

Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Module Synth

Experience the Power of Three Oscillators and a Ladder Filter with the Trigon-6 Module

The Sequential Trigon-6 desktop module delivers the same massive sound and hands-on sonic control as the Trigon-6 Keyboard. It features the same pure analog signal path with discrete oscillators and filters, and the same high-quality digital effects. It also has the same intuitive layout with full-sized knobs and switches that make it quick and easy to shape new sounds.

Enhanced ladder filter and expanded MPE capabilities

Building on the design of the sought-after Trigon-6 61-note synthesizer, this desktop module version expands on the original with a range of expanded functions and parameters. The ladder filter section now features both drive and feedback control, providing absolute precision when dialling in your filter.

Not only that, but the desktop version now includes expanded MPE capabilities, providing unparalleled expression when used alongside external MPE-enabled synthesizers and controllers.

Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Ladder

Powerful analog sound with unique three oscillator ladder filter design

This all-new synthesizer from Sequential borrows elements from their classic designs such as the Prophet-6 and OB-6 synths with 6-voice polyphony and a switchable 2/4 pole resonant filter design. The newly designed voltage-controlled oscillators provide the choice of triangle, saw and pulse waves accompanied by an upgraded version of the same ladder filter found in Sequential’s Pro 3 mono synthesizer. The resonant filter features dedicated drive/feedback controls so you can dial-in your sound with ease.

Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Enhanced

Advanced sound shaping with knob-per-function controls

As well as the 2/4 pole resonant filter, the Trigon-6 features a wide range of onboard controls for shaping and sculpting your sound. Super snappy envelopes and a syncable LFO with multiple waveforms and destinations and knob-per-function controls allow you to fully harness your creative power and create any sound you can imagine. A white noise source is also included as well as hard sync for oscillator 1 and 2 (oscillator 1 syncs to oscillator 2) as well as allow frequency mode on oscillator 3.

Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Knobs

Poly Mod section

One of the most unique features of the Trigon-6 is the Sequential’s classic Poly Mod section that has been used to create new and exciting sounds. The filter envelope and oscillator 3 (with bi-polar control) act as the modulation sources with destinations including oscillator 1, 2, and 3 frequency, oscillator 1, 2, and 3 pulse width, filter cutoff, and feedback. Expand your oscillator count to 18 (simultaneous) using the Unison mode, with a configurable voice count for added flexibility.

Sequential Trigon-6 Desktop Poly

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