What's The Difference: Roland TD-1K & TD-1KV Electronic Drumkits

4th Sep 2017

What's The Difference: Roland TD-1K & TD-1KV Electronic Drumkits

Why The Roland TD-1KV Is More Expensive Than The TD-1K

Choosing a low-price or entry-level drum kit was once a compromise between price, durability and playability – but the TD-1 series has changed that. The range comprises two models; TD-1K with rubber pads and TD-1KV with a mesh snare , and both kits offer great sound, feel and durability at an affordable price.

Roland TD-1K & TD-1KV

So what’s the difference?

Well if you take a look at the visual above the main difference is the snare. The difference is all in the mesh-pad; the TD-1K model uses a rubber snare pad, the TD-1KV uses a mesh snare pad. 

Feel and response of the snare drum are important for accurate drumming technique. The mesh head is closer in feel and response to an acoustic drum head than rubber or silicone pads. That’s why Roland developed the mesh head with REMO, the world’s leading drum head manufacturer. 

The mesh is also quieter than a rubber pad, can be tension-adjusted to suit the player’s preference (just like an acoustic drum head) and the PDX-8 mesh snare pad even produces two separate sounds; one from the drum head, another from the rim (also like an acoustic drum does).

Roland TD-1KV Mesh Snare Pad

Roland TD-1KV Mesh Snare
  • Extreme Responsiveness
  • Incredibly Close To An Acoustic Snare
  • Head And Rim Triggering For Rim Shots
  • Quieter Than The Rubber Snare
  • Accurate 'Rebound' From Your Sticks
  • Shock Absorption Material
  • Tension Can Be Adjusted

Roland TD-1K Rubber Snare Pad

Roland TD-1K Rubber Pad
  • Basic Responsiveness
  • Huge Longevity
  • High Durability
  • Extremely Easy Set Up
  • Advanced Expressiveness
  • Noise Reducing
  • Adjustable Angle

The Main Features Of Both Electronic Drum Kits:

Roland TD-1k & TD-1KV Electronic Drum kits