Go DAWless Jamming with the Roland SP-404 MKII

13th Mar 2023

Go DAWless Jamming with the Roland SP-404 MKII

If you’re looking for a compact, standalone unit for tight playback of multi-track audio, MIDI syncing external gear, and DJing, the SP-404MKII is for you.

The v3.0 update expands the SP’s capabilities to support an even wider range of performance and programming possibilities, including motion recording effects, automating mute actions, and quick conversion of complex patterns into manageable samples. Learn why new workflows, a boosted DJ mode, and other enhancements make the SP-404MKII the ultimate sampler for creating and performing any kind of music.

Fresh Performance Workflows

The SP-404MKII now supports new workflows for DAWless jamming, optimized for live electronic and dance music performance. With an upgraded sequencer, you can perform live with multitrack files from DAW sessions—no laptop required. The TR-REC style step sequencer added in v2.0 supports classic approaches to programming with some added flair via variable time signature and sub steps. And check the new one-shot playback function for jamming with extended audio files and acapellas over shorter patterns.

Roland SP-404 MKII Performance Controls

DJ Mode, Boosted

Mixing original jams, patterns, and favourite songs in DJ mode just got significantly smoother. Sync external instruments for remixing and expanded performances. Easily jump around to different song sections with eight cue points per sample. Adjust upfader and crossfader curves, pitch bend amount, and fine-tune your BPM to two decimals for tighter blends. Tap into timestretching in DJ Mode for improved fidelity and locking in the pitch.

Roland SP-404 MKII DJ Mode

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