Roland Launch New Jupiter Range, Juno Module, Groovebox & More!

5th Sep 2019

Roland Launch New Jupiter Range, Juno Module, Groovebox & More!

Roland have launched a myriad of new products included new Jupiter range, new Juno desktop synth & Groovebox production tools.

Roland MC-101 & 707 Grooveboxes

The GROOVEBOX is back. All-in-one production tool for electronic music creators.

These powerful products reintroduce Roland’s iconic GROOVEBOX concept to a new generation of musicians, updated with the very latest sounds and a wide range of customization options.

The versatile MC-707 and MC-101 allow users to create complete, polished productions with no external gear, or easily integrate with modern computer-based music environments.

The GROOVEBOX series allows people without musical training to create songs quickly and easily, as well as providing an inspiring creative platform for musicians looking to define that next big genre.

Maschine Mk3's ultra-fast, tag-based browser gives your creativity no time to slow down. Use Maschine’s two full-color display screens plus the 4-directional push encoder to quickly find any project, group, sound, instrument, effect or sample. Then simply load it and go.

The New Jupiter Range


Since the release of the JUPITER-4 in 1978, the name JUPITER has marked the pinnacle of Roland sound and playability.

They carry our most advanced sound technologies, are supremely playable, and are built from premium materials.JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm combine classic Roland design and premium build quality with a powerful new synth engine.

It faithfully recreates sought-after instruments from our long history of genre-defining sounds. And with multiple layers, loads of polyphony, and deep hands-on control, you can craft huge, spacious sounds that have as much sparkle as they have warmth and punch.

Roland Juno JU-06A Boutique Synthesizer


For many, vintage Roland JUNO synthesizers define the sound of the ‘80s. Increasingly popular on the used market, many keyboardists either want one, or deeply regret selling one back in the day.

With the JU-06A you get the sound, look, and featuresof both the JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 in one reliable, modern instrument that you can take anywhere.

The JU-06A is designed for creative music makers who want the vintage JUNO sound at an accessible price, an inspirational fun-to-use piece of hardware, and the convenience of gear that works equallyin the studio or live.

Roland Fantom Series:


A reimagining of our flagship professional synthesizer. Bringing the legend back to exceed the needs of the modern musician, with; full bi-directional DAW integration, smooth no-gap patch transitions, comprehensive connectivity, sequencer and multiple sound engines.

All wrapped up in a beautiful design featuring outstanding build quality, all-new keyboard action technologies and a high-resolution touch display.

Logical workflows and a simple UI make the Fantom series the ideal pro tool for today's studio and live musicians.