Roland Fantom-0 Synthesizer Keyboards

16th Mar 2022

Roland Fantom-0 Synthesizer Keyboards

Roland Fantom-0 Synthesizer Keyboards have everything you need to create and perform at the highest level. And with its interactive design and expansive I/O, it blends into every workflow with ease.

Equpped with either a 61-note, 76-note, or 88-note keyboard, FANTOM-0 series has everything you need to create and perform at the highest level. Play and produce with thousands of Roland’s best sounds and unleash your musical vision with the same color touchscreen, hands-on controls, and deep computer integration found on the flagship models.

Extraordinary sounds.

FANTOM-0 includes thousands of professional sounds from Roland’s immense, trendsetting library, with further expansion available through Roland Cloud. Create with synthesizers and rhythm sounds that have defined entire musical genres. Build organic compositions with pianos and other acoustic instruments. Or shape sounds of the future with FANTOM-0’s deep array of modern synthesis tools.

Roland Fantom-0 Sounds

Inspiring playability.

Every FANTOM-0 model feels fantastic under your fingers with responsive custom keyboards and loads of high-res controls. Choose from the 61-note FANTOM-06 or 76-note FANTOM-07 and their synth-action keyboards. Or go for a weighted-action experience with the FANTOM-08 and its 88 ultra-responsive keys.

Roland Fantom-0 Playability

Build songs in a flash.

Designed for non-stop music creation, FANTOM-0 lets you shape sounds and make music without interrupting the flow. With the hands-on knobs and sliders, color touchscreen, quick sampling features, and clip-based sequencer, every session with FANTOM-0 is inspiring, productive, and fun.

Roland Fantom-0 Screen

Your creative hub.

FANTOM-0 slides seamlessly into modern production setups with a built-in 4x32 USB audio interface, while native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live lets you interact with the software using the touchscreen and hardware controls. Going further, you can freely combine soft synths with FANTOM-0’s onboard sounds and interface with your favorite MIDI hardware via the dedicated MIDI output.

Roland Fantom-0 Studio

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