Buy A Roland DJ-808,Claim FREE Serato TR-808 Vinyl Pressing & DVS Expansion Pack!

8th Aug 2018

Buy A Roland DJ-808,Claim FREE Serato TR-808 Vinyl Pressing & DVS Expansion Pack!

To Celebrate 808 Day: If you buy a DJ-808 controller, Roland Will Send You A Limited-Edition TR-808 Serato Vinyl Pressing & DVS Expansion Pack. Offer Ends 31st August 2018.

Starting from 8 August 2018 and while stocks last, if you buy a DJ-808 controller, Roland will send you a limited-edition TR-808 Serato vinyl pressing. This highly collectible double-pack features exclusive 808 beats from legends Marley Marl, Just Blaze, Machinedrum, Egyptian Lover, DJ QBert, Salva, and more. Both pieces of vinyl include a selection of rhythm tracks and locked grooves on side one, and control tone on the flip for use with Serato’s Digital Vinyl System (DVS)*.

With its phono inputs, standalone mixer capability, and pro-grade crossfader, the DJ-808 is perfectly suited for use with the TR-808 vinyl pressing, either playing the 808 rhythm tracks or using the control tone to manipulate music from your Serato library via your turntable. Add your own beats with the DJ-808’s TR-909 / 808 / 707 / 606 hardware drum machine to maximize the performance potential and connection to Roland’s rhythm legacy.

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Full Tracklist:

Marley Marl 108 BPM 2.05
Machinedrum 150BPM 2.40
Shy Boogs 60BPM 2.57
Egyptian Lover 128BPM 3.27
Nadus 133BPM 3.22
Nosajthing 100BPM 2.55

+ Lockgrooves
Scoop DeVille 66BPM
Tyree Cooper 133BPM

Serato Control tone

Just Blaze 66/133BPM 3.52
Tyree Cooper 123BPM 4.00
DJ Qbert 66BPM 2.53
Salva 130BPM 2.57
Seven Davis Jr 121BPM 4.32

+ Lockgrooves
Just Blaze 66BPM
Nadus 133BPM

Serato Control tone

Roland DJ-808 All-In-One DJ Controller

The DJ-808 is a state-of-the-art DJ controller with a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, and the deepest Serato DJ Pro integration available. Going way beyond a typical DJ controller, the DJ-808 is an instrument, with a Roland “TR-S” drum machine that contains the world’s most iconic drum sounds and can even control the Serato Sampler within Serato DJ Pro. The VT Voice Transformer can pitch your voice to match the key of your Serato DJ Pro tracks, while two AIRA Link ports let you connect compatible synths and electronic gadgets, and produce a live remix, with just a simple USB cable. Sound quality is high-end and the hardware is built tough yet easy to carry—ready for inspired sets that push the boundaries of what it means to DJ.