RØDE Introducing Groundbreaking Wireless Go II

25th Feb 2021

RØDE Introducing Groundbreaking Wireless Go II

Rode Release The Wireless Go II - A Compact And Light Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

When Rode released the Wireless Go, it was fairly ground breaking - it was small, light and it sounded great. The Wireless Go II is all of this and more. It’s a dual-channel wireless mic system that consists of a receiver and two transmitters. These transmitters have built in microphones, however they’ve also got 3.5mm jack inputs so you’re able to plug in a lavalier mic for super high-quality, crystal-clear audio, and use the transmitter as a belt pack. The receiver can then be connected to a camera or digital device for sound recording.

High-Quality Wireless Audio Recording

Whether you’re using a state-of-the-art digital camera, a mobile phone or an iPad, the Rode Wireless Go II lets you capture and record high quality audio, without getting all tangled up in wires. You can record two mono channels, or one stereo - so either two separate audio sources on different channels, or one captured in stereo.

The receiver has a 3.5mm analogue output which is great for connecting with digital cameras, and it’s also got a digital output, ideal for connecting with smartphones and tablets. So, whether you’re live streaming, filming content for social media or YouTube, or you just need to capture quality audio, on the go easily, then the Wireless Go II has you covered!

Rode Wireless Go II

Easy To Use Wireless System

The receiver and transmitter will automatically pair out of the box, which is one less thing for you to do. The receiver also has a handy display showing you the battery level, signal strength and input level for the transmitters. If you’re using the built-in microphones in the transmitters, the clips allow you to attach them easily - on clothing, a camera cold shoe, boom pole - wherever you need it!

Rode Wireless Go II Transmitters and Receiver

Rode Central

There’s now a new Rode app for Mac and PC that lets you dig even deeper with the Wireless Go II. In here you’ll find a fine gain control, a safety channel (which records the same thing but at -20dB in case your original audio clips), plus a mute lock so you don’t accidentally mute your transmitters. You’ll also be able to use this for firmware updates in the future.

Rode Central App


Rode Wireless Go II Transmitter

The transmitters and receivers weigh less than 32g each.

Long Range

Rode Wireless Go II Long Range

The Go II has up 200m wireless range.