Rane DJ Release The Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition

5th Aug 2021

Rane DJ Release The Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition

A-Trak And Rane Team Up To Release The A-Trak Signature Seventy Mixer

Rane have just released a ‘meticulously designed remix’ of the ever popular Rane Seventy DJ mixer, along with internationally renowned DJ, turntablist and producer, A-Trak. While some signature models might just slap on a slightly different aesthetic, the Rane A-Trak Seventy mixer has been carefully designed to match his requirements and preferences, adding some really neat features to what is already a great mixer, which will no doubt please countless DJs around the world. 

A-Trak Spec

It’s worth mentioning that A-Trak was involved in the whole process of creating his signature Rane Seventy mixer. The sound curve and frequency response of the mixer have both been tweaked to match his signature sound, giving you a slightly different flavour to the the regular Rane Seventy. Another really cool feature that’s fairly unique is Fader FX, which lets you can transform the volume faders into effects controllers for things like Filter, Roll, Pitch, Ring-Modulator, as well as four types of Oscillators. This gives you unparalleled control, and ultimately allows for more expression.

Rane A-Trak Seventy Mixer

Rane Seventy

Everything that made the Rane Seventy so popular is still there. It’s made using solid-steel construction, making it incredibly sturdy and road-worthy and it’s got the same premium Mag Four faders (you can really feel the quality of these under your fingers) as well as two sets of 8 MPC-style performance pads. It also looks great, with a sleek yet functional aesthetic.