Buy a Presounus StudioLive Desk, Get a FREE EarMix 16M!

14th Jan 2019

Buy a Presounus StudioLive Desk, Get a FREE EarMix 16M!

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Everyone is talking about the EarMix 16M! Recently Church Production reviewed the EarMix:

The EarMix 16M offers a scalable solution that lets you start with just a few personal mixers and keep expanding along with your growing music team.

Presonus Earmix 16M


The PreSonus EarMix 16M is designed to seamlessly integrate with the StudioLive Series III family, as well as other AVB-enabled systems. This networked monitoring system allows you to connect digital audio devices over great distances using CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cables, providing you with the ability to route your audio signal anywhere on the network with exceptionally low latency. AVB networking provides you with an incredibly precise clock that dramatically reduces harmonic distortion and phasing, whilst AVB also ensures that you always have enough bandwidth for carrying your low latency audio.

Expandable System

With two AVB ports on the back panel, the EarMix 16M can be chained together with multiple units and a StudioLive Series III console, providing a high-performance monitoring solution for your entire band. This expansion can be even greater when chained from multiple PreSonus SW5E AVB switches. Your networked system can be setup and controlled with ease from any networked StudioLive Series III console, or via the free PreSonus UC Surface control software (available for Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android).

See The Presonus EarMix 16M in action:

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