Presonus Studio One & Sphere Flash Sale

28th May 2021

Presonus Studio One & Sphere Flash Sale

Save 25% On PreSonus Studio One Professional Upgrades And Sphere Annual Membership Between 27th May And 1st June 2021.

PreSonus are offering 25% off their Studio One 5 Professional Upgrade software packages, as well as 25% off their Sphere annual membership between the 27th May and the 1st June 2021. If you’re a user of a previous version of PreSonus Studio One Professional, or you’re currently using Studio One Artist, then you can upgrade to this newer, and fully-fledged DAW for an incredible price.

PreSonus Studio One Professional

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows you to record and produce music, mix, master and perform live. It’s got unlimited tracks, so you’ll never not have enough room for more instruments, and it comes with a wide range of high-quality virtual instruments and effects. This gives you loads of scope for creating sounds that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s got an analogue console emulation built in too, giving you that classic, organic sound that you’ve heard on countless classic records, plus, if you’re performing live, you can add in effects, backing tracks and more with the new Show Page. Whether you’re a producer, songwriter, live performer, or you simply just want to record music at home, PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional has everything you need.

PreSonus Sphere

The PreSonus Sphere is an annual subscription service that gives you access to nearly every single piece of PreSonus software. This includes the Studio One Professional DAW, but you also get all of their renowned plugins (including the Fat Channel collection, Symphony Orchestra, CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper and more), nearly 100GB of sound libraries, Notation, which is ideal for composers, plus every Notation sound add-on pack. If you want to save 25% on this, or the Studio One Pro Upgrade, then make your purchase before 1st June 2021.