Presonus Audiobox GO Portable Audio Interface

10th Feb 2022

Presonus Audiobox GO Portable Audio Interface

Presonus Audiobox Go delivers stunning audio quality in a compact package. Boasting an XMAX-L solid-state preamp that's had over 25 years of recording studio know-how implemented in the design you will have a clean and articulate sound.

With 50dB of gain and +48V phantom power, you can be sure that even if you're using the most sensitive studio condenser microphone, you will have plenty of headroom to record even the most dynamic of solo vocal performances.

Connect anything and sound great

A combination input features both XLR and 1/4" TRS input and allows you to record anything from XLR vocal microphones, direct boxes for your electric guitar or line-level instruments such as keyboards or drum machines. An additional dedicated instrument input can be used to connect a separate instrument such as your electric bass or guitar. The combination of both inputs even allows you to record both vocals and instruments simultaneously for natural performances with soul.

Presonus Audiobox Go Compact

Compact and powerful

True to its name, the Audiobox Go features everything you need to record, you'll want to carry it with you everywhere you and your instrument go. Small and robust enough to be carried in a guitar case, backpack or laptop bag, you can capture your ideas in stunning quality whenever inspiration strikes, whether that's on the go, in-between studios or at your rehearsal room.

Class-compliant and compatible with Android and iOS devices, you can get up and running with your device without the need for complicated installations or drivers, letting get on with your creative output without losing focus. Powered by the onboard USB-C connection, you can also eliminate the need for bulky power supplies that tether you to an outlet connection and instead enjoy the freedom to record wherever you are, even if that's in the great outdoors.

Presonus Audiobox Go Powerful

Hear loud and clear

Providing you all the connections you need to monitor your recordings in detail, the Audiobox GO features two balanced main outputs for your favourite studio monitors as well as a front-mounted headphone jack with independent level controls. The powerful outputs also feature a convenient Mix control, enabling you to blend your playback audio from the dry input to the wet and processed sounds through your software.

Using the Mix feature on full allows you to hear how your tracks sound through studio processing, whilst recording, ideal for electric guitarists playing through virtual amp simulators or for vocalists to hear any compression or reverb effects applied to the vocals. Often recording dry can be uninspiring and lead to dull performances, with the Mix knob fully cranked, stay inspired and hear the final sound of your performance with no latency!

Presonus Audiobox Go Loud

World-class recording software included

Get started in your music production journey with the software included with Audiobox Go. Coming with a free licence for Studio One Prime, you have access to one of the worlds most intuitive DAWs, giving you the ability to record, edit, compose and produce your music. Designed by musicians, for musicians, Studio One Prime is an extremely user-friendly design that gives you all of the tools you need and leaves out any unnecessary additions that only serve to stifle your creative process.

Additionally, the included Studio Magic bundle lets you take your productions to the next level. Studio Magic is comprised of over £1000 worth of plug-ins, software and tutorials to transform your productions from beginner to release ready! For producers on the go, Audiobox Go also features Capture Duo, a free app for your iOS and Android devices that offers simple two-track recording, ideal for recording your ideas while inspiration strikes.

Presonus Audiobox Go Software

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