The New Olympus LS-P4 Portable PCM Recorder Explained!

16th Apr 2018

The New Olympus LS-P4 Portable PCM Recorder Explained!

Exclusive Music Matter Competition: 2 Lucky Winners Could Win The Brand New Olympus LS-P4 PCM Recorder Worth £179! (Ends 16.05.2018)

To celebrate the launch of the new Olympus LS-P4 Hi-Res PCM Recorder, we're giving you, our customers, a chance to WIN one of these awesome portable pocket recorders. And we're not just giving away 1 but 2 brand new LS-P4s + a whole month to get your FREE entry in. 

Competition details, the entry form & how to enter are all below so why wait? Enter today!!

Competition Details:

2 Lucky Entrants Will Win The New Olympus LS-P4 PCM Recorder Worth £179

The Olympus LS-P4 Hi-Res PCM Recorder:

The LS-P4 is one of the first linear PCM recorders worldwide to be compatible with recording in the FLAC format. Achieve nearly perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality – but with file sizes which are up to 30% smaller compared to the PCM WAV format.

Your device. Your customisation.

Olympus LS-P4 Customization

Natural sound. Smoother recordings.

The LS-P4 is one of the first linear PCM recorders to feature built-in fade-in/fade-out functionality on the device. It gradually increases the volume of the sound from the first second of the sound source, and reduces volume to the last second. This links songs naturally when recording live sound sources, eliminating unnatural clicking noises.

Olympus LS-P4 Fade In Out

Creative recordings. Unique sounds.

Enjoy simpler overdubbing with your LS-P4 audio recorder. Create your own musical recordings by listening to your original track and, at the same time, recording a new track to create a new song. For instance, you can record your drum track, go back and dub in your rhythm and bass, before adding your vocals to the final mix.

Olympus LS-P4 Overdubbing

The LS-P4 inspirational video collection

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