Numark Launch Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller

19th Oct 2021

Numark Launch Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller

The Mixstream Pro allows DJs and music lovers to connect with their music like never before! With its built-in WiFi, onboard high-quality speakers, and direct access to millions of streaming music tracks, the Mixstream Pro is ready for mixing, right out o

Playing songs from your existing library is also a breeze, thanks to the USB and SD Card inputs. When you’re ready to take your party, live stream, or mix session to the next level, the onboard Engine Lighting control wirelessly connects to your smart home lighting for an automatic, high-energy lightshow.

Plus, since the Mixstream Pro is powered by Engine DJ, its ever-expanding set of pro DJ features grows with your DJ career, giving you all of the performance essentials you need to rock any party or gig! It’s never been easier and more fun to connect, stream, and play!

Built-In WiFi for Streaming Music

No laptop required to access millions of songs from top streaming services.

Numark Mixstream Pro WIFI

Built-In Speaker Monitors

Instant audio gratification! Start the party with the high-quality, custom-tuned built-in speakers.

Numark Mixstream Pro Built-In Speakers

Play With Your Music Like Never Before

The large, 7” high-definition touchscreen is your gateway to Engine DJ and hands-on control of your music.

Numark Mixstream Pro Touchscreen

Wireless Smart Lighting Control

Make your Philips Hue smart home lighting dance to the music for the ultimate party atmosphere.

Numark Mixstream Pro Lighting

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