Novation Release Circuit Tracks Groovebox Synthesizer

10th Feb 2021

Novation Release Circuit Tracks Groovebox Synthesizer

Novation Announce The Follow-Up To Circuit With Circuit Tracks - A Standalone Groovebox For Performers & Producers.

When the Novation Circuit was released in 2015, it quickly became incredibly popular with producers and performers alike, and its highly-anticipated follow-up - Circuit Tracks looks set to do the same. With a ton of in-built sounds, and great connections for linking with external hardware, the Novation Circuit Tracks is a powerful music-making tool, whether you’re using it on the go (thanks to its rechargeable battery), or you’re integrating it into your studio setup.


The Circuit Tracks has two polyphonic synth tracks and four drum tracks, as well as a range of effects that you can use to alter your sounds. The 32 pads are velocity-sensitive allowing you to easily programme expressive beats, chords and melodies, plus there are two MIDI sequencer tracks that you can hook up to external gear (which don’t take up your synth tracks, like with the Circuit) making the Circuit Tracks a great central hub for your setup. A microSD card slot lets you import your own samples, which you can use alongside the hundreds of artist-made presets that come straight out of the box. The Circuit Tracks also has a bunch of features on board that have been designed to keep live and studio performances exciting such as probability and pattern mutate.

Novation Circuit Tracks Pads

Novation Components

You can also use Novation’s Components software to make Circuit Tracks an even more powerful tool. It runs either as an app or within your browser and allows you to create and customise patches, delve into the synth engine, back up your projects and more - it means you can really customise it to make it your own.

Novation Components

Performance Layout

Novations Circuit Tracks Performance

The Circuit Tracks has 32 velocity-sensitive pads, eight knobs and not a menu in sight - everything you need for a great performance is right there in front of you.

Extensive Connectivity

Novation Circuit Tracks IO

There are plenty on inputs and outputs so you can connect your whole studio. There’s MIDI in, out and thru, as well as 2 x mono audio in, 3.5mm sync out, headphone output, L/R stereo out and USB-C.

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