Novation Plugin Collective: Tracktion

15th Mar 2021

Novation Plugin Collective: Tracktion

Novation Sound Collective Members Can Download Tracktion’s RetroMod 106 Juno Software Instrument Free Between 4th March and 6th May 2021

Novation’s Sound Collective lets Novation hardware users download a new third-party software instrument every two months. If you’ve recently bought a Novation device (like one of their amazing Launchkeys or Launchpads), then you’ll want to register it online, and start taking advantage of these free, limited-time offers. Not only do you get free software instruments, the Novation Sound Collective also gives you generous discounts on some incredible, high-end software plug-ins too. From the 4th March until 6th May 2021, Sound Collective members can download the RetroMod 106 plug-in from Tracktion, which gives you the sound of three classic Roland synths and would normally cost you $49.

Novation Sound Collective

RetroMod 106

The Roland Juno series is somewhat of a legend in the synth world. The Tracktion RetroMod 106 gives you the sound of three classic instruments from this lineup - the Alpha Juno, Juno-60 and the Juno-106. The plug-in has 15,000 samples from these three synths, as well as 291 mix-ready presets so you can simply dial up a sound, and you’re ready to record. There’s a range of presets to choose from - leads, pads, basses, keys and more - but once you’ve dialed a sound up, you can then further customise it to nail the exact sound you’re after. 

Not only can Novation Sound Collective members download the RetroMod 106 absolutely free of charge between 4th March and 6th May 2021, but you can also get 50% off other RetroMod software instruments on the Tracktion website.