Novation Launch The Circuit Rhythm Sampler

14th Jul 2021

Novation Launch The Circuit Rhythm Sampler

Novation Release The Eight-Track Circuit Rhythm Sampler With Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Novation have released their latest hardware unit - the Circuit Rhythm. Unlike the Circuit Tracks released earlier this year, the Novation Circuit Rhythm is a sampler and allows you to record samples directly onto it. It’s got eight tracks for sample playback, as well as a bunch of effects to augment them with (including a really cool vinyl simulation), plus you’ve got the ability to tweak and edit your samples in the box. 

Intuitive Layout

The layout is very similar to the Tracks in that you’ve got 10 knobs plus pads for each of your eight tracks. This means you can easily play around with your samples, creating beats or patterns with whatever you’ve captured, or playing basslines to complement them. The Novation Circuit Rhythm allows you to record audio from your phone, record player, synth or seemingly anything else that you can connect via jack, however there are also a bunch of samples already loaded onto it out of the box.

Novation Circuit Rhythm Pads

Built-In Effects

The built-in effects make the Novation Circuit Rhythm a fantastic studio tool, allowing you to enhance your samples without the need for more equipment. It also makes it great for performing live with - you can use Beat Repeat to stutter your mix, experiment with modulation effects, add some old-school feel with the vinyl simulator and bring some crowd-pleasing highs and drops with the DJ-style master filter. 

Novation Circuit Rhythm Sample

Practical & Feature-Laden

The Novation Circuit Rhythm also benefits from a rechargeable battery so you can use it on the go, plus it’s really portable. There’s also a bunch of connectivity options that allow you to use it exactly how you want to use it. Link it up with Novation Components on your computer and you can access even more handy features too, like backing up your sample library and grid templates, or taking advantage of all the sample packs available to download. 

Novation Circuit Rhythm Components