ROLI Lumi Keys Studio Launch Deal: Free Snapcase + Extras

18th Jan 2021

ROLI Lumi Keys Studio Launch Deal: Free Snapcase + Extras

Roli Launch The Lumi Keys Studio Edition Keyboard Controller With A Free Bundle Worth Over £200 Including Snapcase, Voucher, Software And Additional Soundpacks

Fewer brands have shaken up the world of keyboards more than Roli, and they’ve done it again with the Lumi Studio Edition. With this keyboard controller, you can pitchbend using any key, as well add depth to sounds by adding continuous pressure. Each key can also light up, aiding with learning - whether that be scales, chords or even songs. To make the launch of the Roli Lumi keyboard even better, they’re also throwing a bunch of goodies for free, including a snap case for the instrument, a Roli voucher, Roli Studio software suite and three additional Roli Studio sound packs. 

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MPE Keyboard

If you’re looking for a keyboard that allows you to play with expression, then look no further than Roli. MDE stands for MIDI Polyphonic Expression and essentially means you can alter different parameters of the sound, such as pitch and timbre. With the Roli Lumi, you can do this on each key by using a vibrato-like movement, allowing you to play with all the expression you can muster. Sometimes it means you can get your digital instruments to sound and behave more like acoustic instruments, however other times, it actually gives you more freedom to create a completely unique sound.

Whilst the Roli Lumi Keys Studio Edition may only be small (24 keys), it can be linked up to certain other keyboards using BLOCKS technology, so you can essentially turn it into a bigger instrument. It also works really well when linked up with Lightpad Block, providing a whole new playing experience. 

Roli Lumi Blocks


The Roli Lumi Keys Studio Edition is great for learning too. Through Roli Studio, you can explore different scales, arpeggios and chords, then the keys will light up, showing you where to put your fingers. This is also a great tool for songwriters as it can inspire you to look at harmony and melodies that would normally be outside of your comfort zone. Of course, you can just have the keys light up black and white, as they would be on a traditional piano.

Roli Lumi Keys


Not only does the Lumi come with Roli Studio, you also get three additional Roli Studio sound packs. These packs contain a range of different sounds - it doesn’t matter what sort of music you play, you’ll be able to find sounds that fit whatever it is you’re doing. As you’d expect, the Roli Lumi is completely compatible with all DAWs and plugins, so it will slot nicely into your existing setup.

This Roli Lumi Keys Studio Edition bundle won’t last forever, so if you want all the freebies - the case, software, sound packs and voucher, then pre-order now!