New Roland Digital Pianos

14th Jan 2021

New Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Announce The New RP701 and F701 Digital Pianos, As Well As The FP-30X, FP60X and FP-90X Digital Stage Pianos.

Roland have announced the release of two new digital pianos - the RP701 and the F701, plus they’ve refreshed their incredibly popular FP digital stage piano series with the FP-30X, the FP-60X and the FP90X. Roland are known for their incredible build quality, authentic playability and ground-breaking SuperNATURAL sound engine which gives you incredibly real piano tones. 

Roland RP-701 Digital Piano

The RP701 is a fantastic choice for both beginners and seasoned players alike. If you, or someone in your family is starting to take the piano grades, then the RP701 is the perfect home practice tool. The PHA-4  Standard keyboard has 88 weighted keys, which means that when they’re switching from this to an acoustic piano in their exam, there’s not too much of a difference in the feel and action of the keys. The keys, after all, are the connecting point between the player and the sound that comes out of the instrument, so it’s important that the action is good. Other highlights of the Roland RP701 include a high quality headphone output that makes it seem like the sound is coming from all around you, Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use the piano as a music player and a user-friendly interface. It’s available in four different finishes, so you can match the piano to the interior of your room.

Roland F-701 Slimline Digital Piano

Roland have always been ahead of the game when it comes to design. The F-701 is a compact, slimline digital piano with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. It looks great, and it saves space, but doesn’t compromise when it comes to the sound, functionality and playability of the instrument. The Roland F701 is the perfect choice if you’re wanting to start learning to play the piano - it features the same great piano action as seen on the RP701 (PHA-4 Standard) and it’s got Roland’s superb SuperNATURAL technology on board, so you can play with dynamics, expression and emotion, and you’ll get it right back from the instrument. 

Roland FP-X Portable Digital Stage Pianos

If you’re a piano player that’s on the move, or you just want an instrument that’s portable, then the Roland FP-X series could be for you. All the stage pianos in the Roland FP range feature incredibly realistic sounds, and superb playability, plus they’ve all got a selection of different sounds on board. If you’re completely new to playing the piano, then the FP-10 or FP-30X would be a great choice. If you’re a little more experienced then look at the FP-60X. If you’re after something that’s more professional, then the FP-90X, which sits at the top of the range, has everything you could want - including the PHA-50 keyboard action which features a wooden-feel key and an improved weight for a more realistic response, plus an even more advanced sound engine.