New Presonus Eris Studio Monitor Range

19th Sep 2023

New Presonus Eris Studio Monitor Range

The New Presonus Eris Studio Monitors Honest. Expressive. Powerful. The ultimate studio monitors for any room.

Essential Eris Pairs

Durable, versatile and Bluetooth®-compatible, these essential Eris Series studio monitor pairs deliver clear, accurate, studio-quality sound anywhere you want it.

  • Compact design. Studio quality.
  • On-board tuning controls.
  • Flexible connectivity, including Bluetooth.
  • Built-in headphone out.
  • Sold as pairs.

Eris Studio Series

Eris Studio Series monitors deliver fundamentally honest sound and a broader sweet spot for marathon sessions with a less-fatiguing listening experience.

  • Superior high-frequency reproduction.
  • Custom-tuned EBM waveguide.
  • Wider sweet spot.
  • Extended low range.
  • Sold individually.

Eris Pro Series

Eris Pro Series studio monitors are powerful, compact and Dolby Atmos®-ready with a horn-loaded coaxial design for stunningly accurate sound so you can explore every corner of the mix.

  • Single point-source coaxial design.
  • Superior stereo imaging and phase coherence.
  • Lifelike, three-dimensional soundstage.
  • Wall- and ceiling-mountable.
  • Sold individually.

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