New M-Audio Oxygen Pro Keyboards

11th Jan 2021

New M-Audio Oxygen Pro Keyboards

The Oxygen Pro Series Is M-Audio’s Newest Range Of MIDI Controller Keyboards. Each Models Is Packed Full Of Player-Centred Features That Make Them The Perfect Addition To Any Home Or Pro Recording Setup.

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI controller keyboards are the newest offering from one of the biggest names in home recording. Each feature on these keyboards has been very carefully thought out, resulting in a range of controllers that are suited to both music production and live use. With auto-mapping to all the major DAWs, you can get creative in no time at all with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro. The range consists of the Mini, 25, 49 and 61-key models.

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Intuitive and User-Friendly Layout

Each model has a range of keys, knobs, sliders and buttons so that everything you need for your performance is laid out right there in front of you. The semi-weighted keys provide a great playing experience and the assignable, backlit, velocity-sensitive pads are useful for a range of functions; whether you’re making beats, programming virtual instruments, or triggering samples. The knobs and sliders make tweaking parameters on virtual instruments quick and easy - particularly on the 49 and 61-key models, plus you can even control many functions in your DAW from the keyboard.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Layout

Smart Technology

There are a couple of ‘Smart’ features on-board the M-Audio Oxygen Pro keyboards that will improve your performance and make recording easier. The Smart Chord feature allows you to play full chords with just one finger. You strike the key of the root note and Smart Chord will take care of the rest. What kind of chord you want to be played is completely controllable too - major, minor, 7th etc. You can even assign your own chord structure. There’s also Smart Scale which means you can’t put a note wrong! Select what sort of scale you’re playing in, and the keyboard will only let you play the notes within that scale; no others.  

On top of the Smart features, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro also has an easy-to-access arpeggiator with various modes, and a Note Repeat feature that you can use with the pads to help create rhythms. 

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Smart Controls

Bundled Software

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI keyboard controllers all come with a range of free software. You can test the waters with various DAWs - Abelton Live Lite, Pro Tools First and MPC Beats. Plus you get a good selection of virtual instruments - Hybrid 3 (synth), Velvet (electric piano), Mini Grand (acoustic piano), Xpand!2 (multitimbral workstation), Vacuum (analogue synth), DB-33 (classic organ) and Boom (vintage drum machine). You even get a collection of various MPC Expansion Packs that contain instruments and samples that are ideal for all sorts of different genres of music. All these pieces of software are additional tools for your creativity and productivity.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Software