NEW Digital Pianos From Yamaha!

8th Feb 2022

NEW Digital Pianos From Yamaha!

Yamaha Release New YDP-145 & Slimline YDP-S35 Digital Pianos

Yamaha are well known for their incredible acoustic and digital pianos. The new Arius range of home digital pianos plays host to some incredible features that will please both beginners and experienced players alike. The idea behind these digital pianos is to provide players with the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, with all the benefits of it being digital i.e. controllable volume, headphones, no need for tuning, variety of sounds etc. It’s fair to say that the new Yamaha YDP-145 and slimline YDP-S35 do exactly that. 

CFX Sound

Yamaha have spent a lot of time and money sampling their world-renowned CFX concert grand piano so that when you strike a key on your new YDP-145 or YDP-S35, that’s the instrument that you hear. Despite their relatively small footprint, the lower notes have an incredible bass response, and the higher notes are rich and detailed. Not too long ago, it would have seemed impossible to have the sound of a Yamaha CFX concert grand in your living room, but now you can.

Yamaha CFX Grand

VRM Lite

Yamaha’s VRM (virtual resonance modelling) Lite helps make these digital pianos sound even more authentic to the real thing. When you play an acoustic grand piano, when you strike a key, don’t just hear the note you’re playing. Because of how they’re built, you also hear some of the different parts inside resonate - including harmonics from other notes. VRM Lite helps replicate this in the Yamaha YDP-145 and YDP-S35 so that you get a really deep, rich and realistic sound.

GHS Keyboard

The keys on the Yamaha YDP-135 and YDP-S35 feel like that of an acoustic piano too in that they’re weighted, thanks to the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action. This allows you to play with more dynamics and expression, plus if you’re using an acoustic piano in lessons or exams, then there’s more consistency with the instrument you’ve got at home. Again, like on an acoustic, the notes at the bottom of the keyboard are slightly heavier than they are at the top - it’s all about authenticity!